Global Marine Consultants and Surveyors (GMCS) supplies independent, professional dynamic positioning (DP) and marine assurance consultancy services. These are suitable for the offshore oil and gas and renewable energy support vessels.

Offshore inspection and auditing services

GMCS works internationally through a dedicated team of expert marine / electrical engineers and master mariners, providing independent surveys, inspections, audits and consultancy with a focus on dynamic positioning systems onboard offshore vessels.

The company offers and performs a wide range of international services, including:

  • Ballast system analyses
  • Onsite company dynamic positioning audits
  • Comprehensive DP operations manuals
  • Condition surveys
  • Container inspection and survey
  • Crane inspections and failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Dive system FMEA
  • Dynamic positioning assurance and verification audits
  • DP FMEA addendums, analyses, annual trials, proving trials and gap analyses (Marine Technology Society (MTS) gap analysis tool)
  • Dynamic positioning incident investigations
  • Dry dock superintendence
  • IMCA CMID and small boat inspections
  • ISM auditing at company offices and onboard company vessels
  • Lay spread inspections
  • OCIMF offshore vessel inspection database (OVID) inspections
  • Onshore / offshore hire surveys
  • Provision of personnel, offshore reps, tow masters, rig move personnel, marine warranty surveyors (MWS) and senior dynamic positioning officers (SDPOs) to client vessels
  • Quantity surveys (bulk cargo)
  • Remote-operated vehicle (ROV) inspections
  • Ship management / operations: technical, commercial and operations
  • Vessel assurance and suitability surveys

Certain practices are undertaken according to the requirements and/or request of the client.

Global Marine Consultants and Surveyors (GMCS) specialises in dynamic positioning (DP) systems onboard vessels.
The company supplies auditing and inspection services for maritime and offshore environments.
GMCS aims to resolve operational issues of its client's assets to prolong service life and optimise profitability.
GMCS is a member of various marine societies worldwide, including BIMCO, IMCA and Marine Technology Society (MTS).

Problem-solving services on offshore platforms

GMCS recognises potential problems of client assets and provide solutions.

The company offers every client a quality, professional, independent service that adds value and optimises the profitability of its assets, as well as identifies strategic partnerships and work on a horizontal integration of the company.

GMCS’ values comprise its commitment to sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly way. The company’s corporate conduct is reflected by each employee’s performance of their job functions. Every employee is responsible for adhering to business practices that reflect the highest standards of corporate and individual behaviour.

The company aims to achieve positive customer satisfaction and to build up the business to provide a stable work environment for its employees.

About Global Marine Consultants

GMCS’ team of mariners, and marine and electrical engineers are highly experienced and are localised. The company’s response time is quick, with resources ready and waiting to deal with any eventuality.

The organisation is committed to working in a professional manner as a reliable and honest vendor to its clients. It assesses problems from the client’s perspective and offers solutions that meet applicable international standards of excellence.

The company’s business model is a home-based and office-bound combination, which ensures optimum time management with reduction in operating costs in terms of time and travel.

GMCS’ clients include:

  • Tidewater Support Services, Aberdeen
  • Babcock International, Aberdeen
  • Braemar Engineering, UK
  • DP Marine and Assurance A/S, Norway
  • Seamec International, India
  • Hydrodive, Nigeria
  • ABS Industrial Verification, India