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Offshore Construction Specialists

Project Management, Construction Management and Engineering Services for Marine Structures, Pipelines and Related Facilities

Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS) provides project management, construction management and engineering services for marine structures, pipelines and related facilities.

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Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS) provides project management, construction management and engineering services for marine structures, pipelines and related facilities.

OCS’s core group of project / construction managers, field engineers, structural engineers and naval architects have extensive experience in marine oil and gas construction projects throughout the Asia Pacific region.

OCS provides marine oil and gas companies with project feasibility studies, cost estimates and general technical advice of all types. Services for marine contractors include construction barge upgrades, rig up of specialist equipment spreads, stinger design, ‘build to operations’ manuals, site management during execution, pre-trenching and shore approaches, post-trenching and pipeline pre-commissioning.

Pipeline pre-commissioning services

OCS has the key personnel and equipment to provide single-source pre-commissioning services for marine pipelines. Pipeline pre-commissioning services include flooding, cleaning, gauging, hydrotesting, dewatering, drying and nitrogen packing. OCS prepares pre-commissioning procedures in accordance with the relevant specifications and regulatory requirements. Procedures are tailored to suit installation constraints faced by the main contractor where applicable.

Pipeline flooding, cleaning and gauging

OCS operates pumps and supporting equipment for the flooding, cleaning and gauging of submarine pipelines of all sizes and lengths, including infield flowlines and major export trunklines.

OCS will provide designs for pig launchers and receivers compatible with the specified pig trains and pipeline configurations. A full suite of flooding, cleaning and gauging pigs are available.

Pipeline hydrotesting

OCS operates high-pressure pumps and supporting equipment with volume and pressure outputs suitable for the hydrotesting of pipelines of all sizes and heights.

Calibrated / certified deadweight testers, pressure and temperature recorders and all related instrumentation with 100% back-up are included in the hydrotesting package.

Pipeline drying and nitrogen packing

OCS provides air drying and vacuum drying equipment to dry pipelines to dew points as low as -40°C. Drying procedures are prepared to take into account the configuration of the pipelines’ wrt diameter, length, and whether they have dry or wet ends. Selective use of super-dry air or vacuum drying is made based on pipeline characteristics.

A nitrogen packing service to a residual pressure as specified by the client is also available.

Pre-trenching and shore approach services

OCS has the expertise, key personnel and equipment to provide single-source, cost-effective pre-trenching and shore approach services for marine pipelines. Work components include:

  • Execution of pre-trenching
  • Design, supply and installation of winch holdback
  • Supply and installation of winch and cable spread
  • Deployment of pull cable
  • Provision of buoyancy for winch cable and pipeline with associated strip-out systems
  • Beachpull management

Over the course of previous projects an inventory of key shore approach equipment has been built up by OCS together with our partners and key suppliers. This equipment can be mobilised at relatively short notice.

Pipeline burial using post-trenching

OCS has the expertise, key personnel and equipment to provide single-source, cost-effective solutions for burial of marine pipelines using post-trenching techniques.

OCS owns all the key post-trenching equipment. Equipment can be mobilised at relatively short notice on to a barge supplied by OCS or on to a third-party barge provided by the customer.

Offshore construction support engineering

The construction support engineering (CSE) group within OCS supports the company with specific analyses related to installation engineering. The CSE group also performs specific stand-alone engineering for external clients.

The CSE group has extensive experience in all areas of analyses related to marine pipelines, structures and associated facilities. Experience encompasses the full range of structural, naval architectural and geotechnical disciplines.

While the focus is on engineering analysis related to offshore oil and gas facilities, the OCS CSE group can perform general engineering throughout the full sphere of construction activities.

An Overview of the OCS UB 01 Utility Barge Project

Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS) is pleased to announce it has completed the construction of a small utility barge known as 'Miss Pennie' in Batam, Indonesia, which has been specially designed for shallow water applications.

Loba Oil Field, Nkembe Block

The Loba oil field is located within the Nkembe Production Sharing Contract (PSC), approximately 30km off the coast of Gabon. The water depth at the PSC ranges between 50m and 500m.

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