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Pre-Operations and Operations Services, Technical Services, Consultancy, Management and Manpower for Offshore, Onshore and Subsea Industries

Petrolink is an operations and technical services provider for offshore, onshore and subsea installations, such as floating production units, oil and gas terminals, refineries and processing plants.


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Petrolink is an experienced operations and technical services provider for offshore, onshoreand subsea installations, such as fixed, floating and subsea production units, oil and gas terminals, refineries and processing plants.

With offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Aberdeen, Doha, and Kuala Lumpur, the company provides concept selection, preparation for operations, operations support and emergency response services for clients all over the globe.

Operations and technical support for the energy industry

Petrolink offers a wide range of specific services in order to support clients in preparing and conducting operations in compliance with applicable performance targets including HSE.

  • Operations assurance and consultancy
  • Operations documentation
  • Operations management and execution
  • Competence assurance
  • Simulator training
  • Safety and emergency response training
  • Maintenance and inspection engineering
  • Process technology
  • Process safety and risk assessment
  • Personnel assistance
  • Project services
  • Integrated operations
  • E-learning

Optimisation of operations and systems for the offshore sector

  • Pre-operational and operational support
  • Start-up and shut-down operations
  • Monitoring and supervision
  • Production optimisation
  • Facilitation of modification campaigns
  • Tail-end production and abandonment
  • Business case development
  • Concept and front-end studies
  • Processing and flow assurance studies
  • De-bottlenecking and production optimisation studies

Petrolink’s employee base includes management teams and temporary staff for task-specific projects; the company is also partnered with an extended network of well-respected and efficient offshore services providers should supplementary services be required.

Petrolink provides consultancy, management, project and personnel services for the offshore industry.
Petrolink provides technical, training and safety courses on request.
Petrolink offers simulation-based training for techniques, such as verification of operating procedures and modification techniques.
Petrolink’s development and technical expertise help clients improve operations regularity and decrease expenses.

Simulation-based training and emergency response support

Simulation-based training can be extremely effective at preparing employees to recognise concerns and recall procedures. With Petrolink’s realistic simulator training, trainees interact with DCS/SAS and SCADA control systems on topics such as operations optimisation, verification of operating procedures and modification techniques.

Safety and emergency response training is a crucial part of any operations procedure, and Petrolink’s training addresses key issues in accordance with international statutory regulations.

  • Emergency training for any level, including line one, two and three
  • Preparation and verification of emergency plans and organisations
  • Crisis management and psychology training for catastrophic events
  • Emergency response training for control room operators and other personnel
  • Emergency and crisis management training for platform managers (OIMs)

Petrolink can transform raw field data into user-friendly documentation, such as tables and graphs, logic diagrams and system topology for project and operations handbooks and procedures, emergency protocols, as well as maintenance and training manuals.

This data is also used as an interactive learning tool in the form of 2D/3D animations, graphical design, illustrations and CAD drawings, alongside visualisation methods and multimedia productions.

Analysis, development and technical enhancement of offshore installations and equipment

Petrolink offers analysis, development and technical enhancement of installations and equipment for improved operations regularity and decreased expenses. Facility maintenance is kept at a high priority at all stages, and assistance is offered on:

  • Overall maintenance and inspection philosophies
  • Maintenance and inspection strategies
  • FMECA and RCM analyses
  • Cost analyses (LCC and Opex)
  • Maintenance programmes presented as field-friendly work packages
  • Spare part stock for start-up and operations
  • Solutions for risk based inspection (RBI)

Beacause of Petrolink’s vast experience in all stages of operations, the company is extremely well-placed to offer support with process aspects such as design verification and technical integrity assessment, FEED and recognised methodologies and software tools.

Process safety and risk assessment in offshore operations

It is vital that facilities are designed to the regulated safety and performance standards and with the proper level of vigilance. Petrolink integrates safety and risk management in all stages of operations, from design to follow-up, ensuring complete hazard management and avoidance.

Risk and safety issues dealt with include hazardous areas classification (HAC), quantitative risk assessment, and technical audits, in addition to HAZOP and HAZID analyses.

Integrated operations through information sharing and collaboration

Petrolink connects people, organisations and technologies to improve access of information and sharing of technical expertise. By setting up operations and collaboration centres, operator, contractor and vendor collaboration models and ICT topology and infrastructure, Petrolink can help improve asset management, information handling and change management implementation for a wide range of businesses.

Operations management, consultancy and assurance in the offshore sector

Petrolink offers complete management models and operation crews for:

  • Full operations management
  • Part-time and transition management
  • Ready for operations (RFO) support
  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Change management
  • Logistics
  • Management of HSE regulatory compliance

The company also develops strategies for aspects from field development and operations readiness, to optimisation and ongoing operations plans. By combining our operations experience with our engineering capabilities we achieve cost / benefit-tuned solutions for safe and high-performance operations.

Press Releases

  • Petrolink Receives Contract from Wintershall

    Petrolink has been awarded a contract by Wintershall Norge AS for provision of consultancy services concerned with readiness for operations in conjunction with the Maria field development project.

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