With the acquisition of the engineering company Capelrig in Scotland, Semco Maritime strengthens its market position for rig projects in the North Sea.

In future, Semco Maritime will be able to handle even larger rig projects in the UK, and the company sees good opportunities for further growth within wind, oil and gas on the UK market.

With the acquisition of the company Capelrig in Aberdeen, Semco Maritime takes another step to secure the position as the leading supplier of rig upgrade / repair in the North Sea area.

"We have a clear strategy to become the first company to offer rig upgrades in Denmark, Norway and the UK. The acquisition of Capelrig will add new competences and constitute a strong platform for growth on the UK market for rig projects", says Hans-Peter Joergensen, senior vice president responsible for rig projects.

The acquisition will at the same time provide a bridgehead for wind, oil & gas in the UK where Semco Maritime sees a huge growth potential.

"We will have a strong foundation in Aberdeen which is the centre for UK oil and gas activities in the North Sea. The acquisition will strengthen our position and our potential for development within the entire offshore area", says Hans-Peter Joergensen.

High competences within electrical and instrumentation

Capelrig is a well-reputed engineering company with 34 years of experience and know-how within the oil and gas industry. The company delivers control and automation systems and has built up many competences within electrical and instrumentation (E&I). The customers are, among others, BP, Shell and Transocean.

"Semco Maritime and Capelrig are a perfect match and we look forward to the integration of the two companies. Semco Maritime will be able to benefit considerably from our know-how and geographic location while we achieve a number of resources that we do not have today. Together we will be able to handle far more and bigger projects in future", says Brian Hill, managing director and co-founder of Capelrig Ltd.

Semco Maritime – the preferred supplier

In recent years, Semco Maritime has considerably expanded its position within rig projects area, and last year the opening of a new dedicated area for rig repair/ upgrade gave the company a favourable position compared to other suppliers. Two major rig upgrade projects were carried out for the world’s largest rig operator, Transocean.

With the acquisition of Capelrig, Semco Maritime will be able to handle major rig projects in the UK as a turnkey contractor.

"We want to be the preferred supplier to rig operators in the entire North Sea area and we have now taken an important step in the right direction. We will build on Capelrig’s success and extend the customer base and the geographical area. It is our goal to triple Capelrig’s current turnover within the next five year", says Hans-Peter Joergensen.