S&S Consulting

Construction and Maintenance Project Management

325 Hwy 83, Baldwin, 70514,Louisiana, United States of America

S&S Consulting is a management and consultancy service to help with analysis, administration and problem resolution for offshore and onshore construction and maintenance projects, including:

  • Platform installation
  • Dive projects
  • Abandonment and site clearance
  • Facilities upgrades and modifications
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Production facilities
  • Fabrication shop supervision
  • Blasting and painting (NACE trained)
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

S&S Consulting Group aims to provide cost-effective, professional, safe work supervision for your construction projects, by managing your projects according to your company standards and specification.

We have talented professionals working with us to accomplish your job objectives on time, and work hard to bring them in under budget.

Field construction reports

S&S Consulting’s staff is made up of experienced individuals in the field, backerd by support from a competent and efficient office staff. The team complete daily field construction reports to keep a running account of project costs and daily activities, and distribute these to management and key project personnel for monitoring and interaction. These reports are then archived for future reference.

Current projects

S&S Consulting is currently undertaking several high-scale projects worldwide, including a deck installation in the Gulf of Mexico; construction of an onshore well battery in Germany, and new deck fabrication offshore Italy. S&S also carries out smaller-scale regular maintenance and repair services for international projects, providing services such as blasting, painting, tree removal and land clearing and corrosion prevention.

Health and safety accreditation

S&S Consulting is dedicated to providing services meeting the highest level of quality, with stringent safety measures in place to ensure the well-being of employees throughout both the construction and operational phases of the project.

To this end, S&S Consulting:

  • Is a member of the DISA drug testing programme
  • Is an IS Networld member
  • Provides all HS&E information online for review
  • Has been accident-free for the past four years
  • Carries a $10m insurance liability policy
S&S Consulting

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United States of America

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