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Air Gas Compressor Specialists

Air Gas Compressor Specialists are the sole New Zealand agents for BOGE and Quincy Compressors and suppliers of top-quality air compressors, air dryers and related equipment.

Air Gas Compressor Specialists has the expertise to provide equipment to suit your job specifications, from a standalone compressor to a full turnkey solution.

Air Gas Compressor Specialists offers a full range of high and low pressure, oil free and oil-lubricated, variable speed and base load, screw and piston type portable diesel and electric compressors.

Sullair high and low-pressure portable screw compressors are designed for durability, reliability and efficiency.
The Quincy 5120 25HP Weg electric framed-in package provides 90ft³/min of breathing air and / or industrial air at 175psi.
Air Gas Compressor Specialists supplies a range of BOGE high and low-pressure, refrigerant and desiccant dryers.
Air Gas Compressor Specialists are suppliers of BOGE S-series electric screw and C-series direct drive screw compressors.
The Selwood’s Seltorque series of pumps has the unique Selprime automatic self-priming system, making them ideal for processing a full range of solids.
Air Gas Compressor Specialists supplies a range of diesel generators ranging from 6.5KVA to 660KVA (50hz to 60hz).
Allmand’s diesel-operated light towers feature SHO_HD parallel light fixtures that provide more lumens per fixture.
Air Gas Compressor Specialists offers spare parts and service for all major brands of compressors, dryers, nitrogen generation systems and vacuum pumps.

Air Gas Compressor Specialists bases itself successfully around four specific sectors:

  • Hireage
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Parts

Hireage and sales

Air Gas Compressor Specialists offers a full range of portable diesel and electric compressors, which vary in high and low pressure, oil free and oil-lubricated screw and piston type compressors. They are also available with variable speeds and base loads.

In addition to compressors, Air Gas Compressor Specialists offers:

  • A full range of dryers, including refrigerant and desiccant, hire pressure and low pressure units
  • After-coolers, filtration packages and nitrogen generation systems
  • Diesel generators ranging from 6.5KVA to 660KVA (50Hz to 60Hz), light towers, fluid pumps (mud and water), diaphragm and rotary pumps
  • Certified high / low-pressure hoses, fittings, manifolds and air receivers

Sullair Portable Compressors

The smaller range of Sullair Portable Compressors are designed to be towable, featuring the option of an integrated air dryer, ideally suited to area’s where stringent restrictions are placed on noise emissions.

The mid-range high-pressure unit was conceived for the tough demands on the oil and construction industries. They are designed for durability, reliability and efficiency.

The large range of future generation, low and high-pressure screws can give more air output for less fuel consumption.

New Generation BOGE S-Series Electric Screw Compressors and BOGE C-Series Direct Drive Screw Compressors

One of the best has been improved upon: The S-Series has set standards in efficient and reliable compressed air production. Now BOGE has made one of the best screw compressor ranges on the market even better.

While retaining the proven design philosophy, the efficiency, smooth running properties and the sound pressure levels have been significantly optimised. You can look forward to the best S-series of all time.

A class of its own: The directly coupled screw compressor of the C-Series are space saving and extremely efficient at the same time. They are available with horizontal receiver and / or top mounted refrigeration dryer and can flexibly be adapted to suit particular application requirements.

Quincy 5120 25HP Weg Electric Framed-In Package

The Quincy 5120 Electric framed-in package provides 90cfm at 175psi of breathing air and / or industrial air.

With years of proven dependability as an industry work horse, the Quincy 5120 features a reliable Weg TEFC 25hp motor with NEMA 4 starter box.

It is simple to operate, reliable and versatile.

BOGE Desiccant Adsorption Dryers

The all-in-one package for dry compressed air, BOGE desiccant adsorption dryers are the ideal solution for compressed air pressure dew points below 3ºC. The heatless BOGE adsorption dryers can reach dew points of -70ºC (standard -40ºC). The twin tower system slows regeneration simultaneously with the adsorption eliminating the need for any external power supply.

Selwood Series Pumps

The environmentally friendly Seltorque range has the unique Selprime automatic self-priming system together with an easy operation and unparalleled reliability, coupled with inherent safety.

Super silent, low emissions, designed to pump a full range of solids. Trailer options are also available.

FG Wilson 600KVA Enclosed Diesel Generator

Perkins 2806A-E18TAG1A Diesel Engine with three-phase diesel generator and Leroy alternator. The engine also features an enclosed canopy sound-reduced set for supplying continuous electrical power at variable load.

Allmand Light Tower

Brighter, warmer, safer: the Allmand light tower’s four-point outrigger design provides enhanced stability. SHO_HD parallel light fixtures provide more lumens per fixture than other light towers. The liquid-cooled diesel engine operates at 1800rpm, including a 7.5kW generator.

Service and spare parts

Air Gas Compressor Specialists specialises in the service of all major brands of compressors, dryers, nitrogen generation systems, vacuum pumps and are recognised distributors of BOGE, Quincy, Donaldsons / Ultra Filter, SMC Pneumatics and Murphy switch gauges and parts.

Air Gas Compressor Specialists has full workshop facilities, experienced technical staff, mobile onsite services and a 24-hour, seven days per week callout service.

We provide turnkey solutions for new equipment and can help you access the best type of compressor and compressed air systems for your business requirements to fit your budget, as we offer the widest range of compressed air and vacuum solutions available on the market to suit every customer’s needs.

Air Gas Compressor Specialists also performs full onsite auditing of compressed air systems and dryers to minimise wastage, maximise efficiency and reduce costs.

When you need compressed air solutions for hireage, sales and service, contact Air Gas Compressor Specialists.


Air Gas Compressor Specialists
PO Box 36
New Plymouth 4340
New Zealand