For more than 22 years, Danco Pump & Supply has been the "one-stop pump shop," providing complete service from start to finish for all your pumping equipment needs. Engineering, manufacturing, product planning, service repair, scheduling, shipping and distribution all contribute to the fine reputation of Danco Pump & Supply.

Power and fluid end parts for plunger and piston pumps

Danco has power and fluid end parts for all major high pressure reciprocating plunger and piston pumps; and because of their extensive inventory and in-house machine and mechanic facility, many orders can be shipped within one to five business days from the date the order is placed.

Custom pump replacement parts

Danco Pump specializes in the manufacturing of industrial and oil field pump replacement parts. However, Danco also manufactures custom parts for other industries. With the latest technology in CNC milling and lathes, radial arm drills, and other conventional machines, Danco has the capabilities to custom machine or build the replacement parts needed for your application onshore or offshore for new or obsolete pumps.

Triplex single acting plunger pumps

Gaso 3364, now known as the 55T-3 pump is one of the best triplex single acting plunger pumps in the industry. This 55hp, 3in stroke horizontal triplex single acting plunger pump has the option of three different fluid end materials with pump speeds up to 500rpm. Other features include:

Gaso 3364, also known as 55T-3, a complete pump rebuild, including skid.
Wheatley P-323 complete pump.
Large inventory access, due to on-site machine and mechanic shops, with custom machining available.
Pump parts and custom machined parts can be supplied.
  • Rated rod load of 4,370lb
  • Precision type crankpin bearings
  • Heavy-duty roller crankshaft bearings
  • Bronze bearing crosshead pin bushings
  • Alloy steel crosshead pins
  • Cast iron crosshead with upper/lower oil grooves
  • Ductile iron connecting rods
  • Stainless steel extension rods
  • Splash distribution lubrication flooded sump
  • Cast iron power frame

New, used and reconditioned pumps

New, used, and reconditioned pumps, including Gaso, Wheatley, Gardner-Denver, Kerr, Bethlehem, Oilwell, Tulsa, National, and many others, are available from Danco.

Danco Pump sells many new pumps, but they are widely known throughout the industry for their quality and craftsmanship on remanufactured and reconditioned pumps. Every pump is built to factory specifications with the components in all remanufactured pumps meeting the OEM specifications and tolerances.

Danco puts their pumps through a "three step process" and a series of inspections before they are prepared for assembly. Every reconditioned pump comes with a 90-day warranty for defects, quality workmanship and craftsmanship.

Manufacture replacement and expendable pump parts

Danco Pump specializes in the manufacturing of the leading industrial and oil field pump replacement parts. With the latest technology, Danco has the capabilities to build the replacement parts needed for all pumps and applications, including obsolete or discontinued pump parts. Because Danco operates with many on-site resources, they are able to provide discount pricing on parts and pumps that often beat OEM and list prices.

Pump servicing including thread repair

With Danco complete thread repair, your pump will be restored back to factory specifications and guaranteed not to leak.

Danco's thread repair provides complete thread repair for all types of pumps. This is your revolutionary solution to stripped, worn, and damaged threaded holes. Other people use temporary weld-up repairs or threaded inserts that only work for the short term, but at Danco we take pride in our work and provide you a permanent thread repair solution.

Our thread repair restores the part back to factory standards and specifications with the same tightness and smoothness that you would get from a new factory part that we guarantee not to leak when using new mating parts.

Quality service commitment guarantee

Whether you are in need of a quantity of 1 or 2,000, Danco can assist you with your parts needs. We serve both the national and international markets with the highest quality parts available. Danco accepts both one-time orders and long-term contracts.