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Spare Parts for Engineered Pumps and Rotating Equipment

Pinnacle Re-Tec re-engineers and manufactures parts and complete assemblies for pumps and other rotating equipment, based on the existing equipment of customers.

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Pinnacle Re-Tec re-engineers and manufactures parts and complete assemblies for pumps and other rotating equipment, based on customers’ existing equipment. The company can upgrade parts if needed, is not limited by brand, type or size of equipment, and is also uniquely positioned to handle obsolete parts. Using its comprehensive skill set in engineering, design and manufacturing and extensive expertise in pumps and other rotating equipment, Pinnacle Re-Tec guarantees 100% fit with existing equipment and superior performance and part life.

Based in the north-east of England, Pinnacle Re-Tec has a great track record in the oil and gas and power generation industries. Evidence is provided by exemplary customer retention and testimonials from blue chip companies all around the world.

Spare pump parts

Pinnacle Re-Tec can provide the following parts and pump types:

  • Machined parts: shafts up to 5m, sleeves, wear-rings, balance drums
  • Cast parts, 0.1kg to 10t: casings, diffusers, impellers, bearing housings
  • Fabricated parts: discharge heads, pump casings, diffusers, column pipes
  • Submersible pumps: single and multi-stage
  • Seawater lift pumps: submersible motors or line shaft driven, bronze or super duplex
  • Main oil line pumps: multi stage, stellite or tungsten coated wear parts
  • Seawater injection pumps: multi-stage super duplex

Machined parts for shafts, sleeves and bushes

Pinnacle Re-Tec covers all customer part requirements, from simple rings, bushes and sleeves to complex multi-stage shafts, labyrinth seals and balance drums. The company has the expertise and precision manufacturing capabilities to handle all machined parts, from small to large and in various quantities. This also ensures complete independence from the original equipment manufacturer and the security of future supply.

Wear parts: sleeves, rings and bushes.
Casings: a cast suction bell and casing bowl.
Fabrication: a large discharge head in super duplex.
Assembly: multi-stage rotors for centrifugal pumps.
Assembly: complete multi-stage cartridge with new rotor.
Other parts: labyrinth seal for compressor.
Process: stress test of a new casing design to withstand thermal shock.
Casting: new casing for a multi stage pump, re-designed to withstand thermal shock.
Seawater lift pump: 3D model of complete cartridge assembly.

Cast parts for casings, impellors and diffusers

A scanning and 3D modelling process is applied by Pinnacle Re-Tec to all parts from the engineering stage via pattern making / casting through to manufacturing. This enables the company to replicate the hydraulic profiles of parts accurately, therefore ensuring a 100% performance match. This includes parts such as impellers, diffusers and casing volutes, and is especially important for high-speed equipment such as turbine-driven pumps.

Pinnacle Re-Tec has partnered with carefully selected foundries in the UK and Germany to achieve unparalleled quality and lead times for cast parts ranging from a few kilogrammes to several tonnes.

Fabricated parts for casings, pipes and fans

Pumps, particularly larger pumps, require fabricated components instead of castings. Pinnacle Re-Tec can fabricate column pipes, discharge heads and other casing parts, and also components like impellers that were machined in two halves and then welded together. The team has successfully re-engineered castings into fabricated parts to facilitate design upgrades while simultaneously lowering the cost and lead time.

Complete rotor and cartridge assemblies

Pinnacle Re-Tec can engineer the whole assembly instead of just single parts if customers want to be sure the whole supply fits together and performs. This includes complete assemblies such as fully operational pump cartridges as well as sub-assemblies such as balance drums and rotors. The 3D modelling process allows Pinnacle Re-Tec to create a virtual assembly and make sure all parts fit together before any metal is cut, reducing the need for costly fitting work later on.

Seawater lift pump parts

Pinnacle Re-Tec produces parts for submersible pumps such as line shafts or submersible motors for seawater lift. All parts and design types are in the company’s scope, including suction bells, bowls, impellers, shafts, couplings, wear rings, rubber-lined bearings and screens with non-return valves.

Main oil line pumps

Depending on pump design and type, Pinnacle Re-Tec can produce all wear parts and complete multi-stage rotors or cartridges for main oil line pumps. All coatings on original parts that prolong life will be replicated, such as tungsten or stellite (HVOF or weld overlay). Clients can order parts or send the whole unit for strip / inspect / report and refurbishment.

Seawater injection pumps

Complete rotors and cartridges can be provided in minimal lead times; a maximum of 20 weeks is needed for complete multi-stage cartridges in super duplex material. Single parts as well as complete refurbishment of units can be provided.

Reprocessing other equipment

The same re-engineering process is also available for a range of other parts, including speciality fittings, swivel sheaves, gears, plungers, fan wheels and valves. Contact the Pinnacle Re-Tec team for parts that are difficult to source or take too long and seem excessively expensive. The company will provide an assessment in one to two days maximum.

Requirements for quotation

Contact the Pinnacle Re-Tec team and discuss your requirements. Some basic information is needed to provide a quotation: diameter, material type if known, weight and a picture of the part. This is all that is required to receive a quote within one to two days.

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