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Reliable Pumps Consultants manufactures, supplies and services an extensive range of pumps for drilling, well serfice and stimulation, construction and water-blasting in the offshore industry.

Test pump units for the oil and gas industry with positive displacement design

Reliable Pumps is one of the leading high-pressure pump manufacturers in the world. Our distinctive in-line valve design incorporates a positive displacement pump, which is easy-to-maintain and hard-wearing.

In addition, our blowout preventer (BOP) test pumps are ideal for hydrostatic testing both onshore and offshore.

These pumps are available in diesel or electricity powered variants depending on customer requirements, and can be mounted to trailer units. They also feature a 10,000psi hydraulic wench drive, a dual 225gal polytank, and a chart recorder.

All our pumps, flushing units and water-jetting devices are available to buy or rent.
Reliable Pumps’ equipment uses multi-port outlets to facilitate the flushing of several lines at once, which has been proven to cutting flushing times by up to 80%.
The pipeline test unit performs pressure tests on pipes by operating two 55gpm high-volume pumps and one 10,000psi pump.
The company’s flushing devices come equipped with a kidney-loop process component, which cleans fluid entering and returning to the station.
Powered by a Perkins Diesel 1104 engine, the blowout preventer (BOP) hydrostatic test unit has a 15,000psi troll panel, with pressure gauge that functions at up to 20,000psi.

Water-jetting equipment for industrial cleaning and maintenance

Reliable Pumps Consultants specialises in water-blasting equipment, offering a number of jetting systems used for industrial cleaning and maintenance. We custom-configure our water-jetting / blasting units according to individual client specifications.

Primarily selling pump packages, we also have one of the largest rental fleets of high-pressure pumps available. Our blasting equipment effectively removes contaminants and tough deposits, enabling surface preparation on steel or concrete pipes, oil rigs, tanks, and heat exchangers.

The water-jetting systems are capable of pressures from as low as 1,500psiup to 40,000psi. Our portfolio includes high and low pressure, as well as high and low volume units with all neccessary accessories.

Portable hydraulic torqueing units to tighten or loosen fasteners

Reliable Pumps Consultants offers portable, hydraulic torquing units designed to help exert torque to tighten or loosen a fastener using hydraulics. These small, lightweight, portable units are chemical plant friendly and are perfect for torquing and bolt removal.

High-quality subsea flushing units and grease pump packages are also available.

Customised pumps solutions for marine applications

With considerable experience in pumping units, Reliable Pumps Consultants provides a comprehensive range of customised high-pressure pump designs to meet customers’ needs.

We save you money by ensuring your pumps are properly engineered, maintained, and repaired in a full supply package. Each pump also comes with a variety of accessories to enable high-performance.

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of handling numerousl order volumes at one time, featuring a continuous assembly line of base models that can be quickly adjusted to meet the requirements of specialist applications.

Maintenance services to ensure optimum pump performance

Our high-level of customer service continues after installation to help ensure your unit continually provides an optimised performance. We have a 24-hour standby service to troubleshoot issues in critical situations.

Reliable Pumps Consultants also re-certifies equipment on a regular basis to ensure that the company’s systems maintain optimal performance and continue to meet the latest industry and safety standards.

We have warehouses and service trucks fully stocked with replacement parts ready for use whenever required.

About Reliable Pumps Consultants

Reliable Pumps Consultants has been providing environmentally friendly pumping equipment since the company was founded in 1986.

Customers can be assured of finding the correct and most reliable pump for their application due to our full line and extensive experience.