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3M Scott Fire & Safety is a provider of specialist respiratory support equipment and related systems that have been developed to protect oil and gas sector personnel in hazardous environments.

We offer a complete line of expertly designed products, including air-purifying and supplied-air respirators (APRs / SARs), self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and personal protective equipment (PPE) to address a wide range of operational requirements within the offshore industry.

Our innovative solutions are supplied with competitive warranties to ensure optimum performance and service-life. We operate a dedicated customer service team to ensure all clients are provided with personalised after-sales support.

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for marine sites

3M Scott Fire & Safety’s sophisticated SCBA solutions are engineered to meet the latest EN and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Australia regulations for the offshore industry to ensure reliable functionality.

Our line of professional SCBA systems includes the ruggedised, EN137:2006 Type 2-certified ProPak models, which feature a rigid backframe design and Kevlar / Pyroguard reinforced harnesses, making them ideal for deployment in firefighting operations.

These cutting-edge systems are equipped with high-tech pneumatics technologies to deliver minimal breathing resistance. All components are easily user-serviceable, which results in low maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

3M Scott Fire & Safety offers an extensive range of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and EN 137 Type 1 compliant SCBA systems to deliver optimum compatibility with clients’ intended application and user environment.

EN-certified supplied air respirators (SARs) for the offshore industry

3M Scott Fire & Safety offers a varied selection of EN and NIOSH certified SAR systems that have been carefully designed to protect marine personnel from the respiratory risks associated with exposure to toxic substances during operations.

Our robust Flite COV positive pressure breathing units allow users to safely enter hazardous locations, including those designated as immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). Solutions are regularly relied on within the petrochemical industry due to their user-friendly operation and hard-wearing design.

Systems feature automatic air supply changeover valves for added convenience and are fitted with durable, flame-resistant polyester harnesses to enable use during critical situations.

We also provide respiratory airline systems (RAS) for entering and leaving work areas, as well as effective airline filter units and asbestos-protected solutions to address a wide range of operational needs.

Emergency life support respirators for subsea locations

3M Scott Fire & Safety’s industry-leading air-purified and supplied air escape respirator units have proven to be highly effective personnel protection solutions for an extensive array of heavy industry applications.

Our constant-flow emergency life support apparatus (ELSA) solutions can be supplied in hooded, EN and NIOSH-accredited variants depending on customers’ needs and have been specially developed for user-friendliness, comfort and ease-of-maintenance.

Systems are equipped with high-quality compressed air cylinders, which provide vital respiratory support in either ten or 15 minute durational configurations in order to aid personnel during rapid escape operations from hazardous worksites.

We also offer specialist options such as our state-of-the-art ELSA Sprint and ELSA Muster positive pressure systems, which are able to facilitate a dependable supply of ancillary air during critical and physically demanding evacuation procedures.

Air-purifying respirators (APRs) for petrochemical facilities

3M Scott Fire & Safety stocks a broad catalogue of powered-air-purifying respirator (PAPR) systems, along with half and full facemasks that can be used in conjunction with air canisters or cartridges to offer prolonged protection from hazards at oil and gas worksites.

Our complete line of cartridges offer maximum protection against common acid gases such as hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide, in addition to silica and other toxic compounds.

We provide cartridges designed to reliably safeguard on-site personnel from the harmful effects of respiratory dangers such as ammonia and organic vapours upon request.

Portable gas detection solutions for industrial applications

3M Scott Fire & Safety has a vast selection of portable and easy-to-use gas detection devices for personal monitoring applications, which range from single-gas units to systems capable of detecting up to five gases simultaneously.

Our portfolio includes the highly functional Protégé ZM system, which features one-button activation and three separate modes that are optimised for oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide detection.

The powerful BM25 portable area monitor enables the detection of up to five harmful gases at a time. The BM25 is available in both wired and wireless configurations. Up to 30 units can be linked together at once to provide efficient and reliable monitoring capabilities across wide industrial spaces when required.

Furthermore, the company’s inventory of advanced solutions comprises numerous NFPA and non-NFPA approved thermal imaging cameras that have been developed to grant emergency responders enhanced visibility when locating personnel during hazardous escape operations.

About 3M Scott Fire & Safety

3M Scott Fire & Safety is a subsidiary of leading US-based fire protection and security solutions provider 3M, which comprises a number of prominent product brands and currently serves more than three million customers across a range of industries worldwide.

We possess a dedicated global workforce of more than 70,000 staff based across 1,000 locations in 50 countries.

Having been rated amongst the ‘world’s most ethical companies’ by the Ethisphere Institute for three consecutive years, 3M is committed to leveraging the latest technologies and innovations to develop pioneering solutions that provide vital protection for marine personnel.

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