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Personnel Protection and Safety Products for Offshore Sites

Safety and Survival Systems International (3Si) is a designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of safety and survival solutions for the offshore industry. The company's client-base includes some of the leading global brands and manufacturers in the marine sector.

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Safety and Survival Systems International (3Si) is a designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of safety and survival solutions for the offshore industry. The company’s client-base includes some of the leading global brands and manufacturers in the marine sector.

The company is dedicated to providing clients with specialist advice and equipment, optimised through decades of combined industry knowledge and expertise.

The company provides a premium-quality catalogue of personal protection products, and will also design and manufacture bespoke safety items and systems, according to client specifications.

Liferaft solutions for marine operations

The Ocean SOLAS commercial liferaft range has been developed by Ocean Safety to provide customers with a robust, heavy-duty emergency protection solution capable of delivering reliable protection, while remaining an economical choice.

3Si's equipment and service provide the marine industry with support for safety and survival.
A full range of onboard electronics, personal AIS beacons and PLBs.
Combine the Challenger Interlock 275 SOLAS lifejacket with the Intrepid MK1 and MK8 immersion suit, for complete abandonment use.
Five-year extended service SOLAS abandonment lifejacket.
Our liferaft hire division includes hire, exchange or fully managed servicing plans.
The Typhoon SOLAS WOSS is a constant-wear drysuit for marine working environments.
An emergency abandonment suit to aid survival.

The company’s liferaft systems meet all the latest SOLAS and MED Ship’s Wheel approval regulations, in addition to being manufactured according to ISO 9001 safety guidelines.

Ocean Safety’s sizeable product catalogue includes self-righting, davit launch, throw-over and open-reversible models, and the company is committed to providing support for all its products via the 3Si global service network.

Ocean Safety works in close cooperation with clients in order to create the high-quality, customised solutions to suit their workplace specifications and considerations, from cradle assembly through to complete release systems.

The SOLAS and US Coast Guard (USCG) certified inflatable buoyant apparatus (IBA) systems and liferafts are available in a number of sizes for a variety of applications and installation environments, including compact and low-profile variants intended to save space in confined locations.

The USCG liferaft range is supported by Revere’s worldwide network of service agents.

SOLAS-compliant lifejackets for use in offshore applications

The 3Si Group supplies a wide range of SOLAS-approved lifejackets and workwear options, which are designed and manufactured in-house by its team of safety experts.

This equipment is suitable for constant usage and wear, and is fully compatible for integration with automatic identification systems (AIS).

3Si is constantly striving to increase its ability to provide the latest personal safety innovations, as well as enhance the serviceability and longevity of its products to offer the best possible value for its customers.

Made-to-measure survival suits for oil and gas worksites

3Si Group subsidiary Typhoon International has more than 70 years of technical knowledge and expertise in the design and manufacture of survival suits and drysuits, and is able to create SOLAS-approved products that feature cutting-edge material technology intended to protect workers’ safety across all commercial applications and in the most extreme environmental conditions.

The company’s in-house manufacturing capabilities allow it to customise safety items according to stringent field requirements, for example made-to-measure drysuits or the addition of extra features such as zippers and pockets.

Typhoon International also addresses aesthetic considerations such as the incorporation of logos to strengthen customers’ company image on-site.

On-board emergency radio beacons for vessels

The 3Si Group provides a selection of user-friendly electronic devices for marine applications, ranging from small handheld units for personnel use to fully integrated on-board systems developed by the world’s leading brands.

The company supplies functional, field-tested electronic products such as AIS equipment, and personal locator beacons (PLBs), as well as CAT 1 and CAT 2 emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs), which are fully supported by its global service network.

Global support and servicing for marine safety systems

3Si’s safety products are supported by a network of service stations based at various locations worldwide, allowing the group companies to deliver flexible and dependable customer service with a hands-on approach, while continuing to offer competitively priced solutions and safety product expertise.

The company provides maintenance services for a wide array of safety equipment, including liferafts and lifejackets, survival suits, man-overboard systems and EPIRBs.

Liferaft hire and maintenance services for offshore platforms

3Si’s liferaft hire branch and versatile, fully managed servicing plans provide solutions that suit the unique needs of individual customers.

Clients benefit from a reduction in overall operating expenditure, as well as an increase in the predictability of future costs.

The group offers all customers assurance that all liferafts supplied for hire and exchange are up to date, serviced and in-line with the latest and strictest industry regulations.

This promise covers an extensive range of Ocean SOLAS commercial liferafts, including specialist variants such as large 130-person, covered and open-reversible models.

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Products & services

  • Equipment Hire

    The 3Si Group recognises that minimising capital expenditure and reducing operating costs are crucial in today's offshore industry, and the company's liferaft hire branch are committed to offering customers the best and most economical solution to meet their unique needs and expectations.

  • Lifejackets

    3Si's Challenger lifejackets have been optimised for use in the most critical and demanding commercial environments, and are manufactured to ensure compliance with SOLAS and MED Ship's Wheel requirements.

  • Ocean SOLAS Liferafts

    3Si's Ocean SOLAS range of commercial liferafts is fully compliant with the latest SOLAS and MED Ship's Wheel standards.

  • Servicing

    3Si operates a global independent service network that operates with a flexible approach, providing excellent customer service, competitive solutions and product expertise in a comprehensive range of safety and survival applications.

  • Survival Suits

    The 3Si Group's range of hard-wearing drysuits and survival suits ensure that personnel are protected in extreme environments for continued use, and the group's subsidiary Typhoon International possesses more than 70 years' experience and industry expertise in the creation of high-quality safety solutions.

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