Advanced Fabric Technologies (AFT) is an engineering company with a focus on auxetic solutions for material systems. The company has extensive experience developing techniques and manufacturing processes for the fabrication of auxetics that offer better strength and energy absorption than conventional materials.

AFT’s high-traction senior staff have decades of research and product development experience. The company has engineered solutions for GE Oil & Gas, BP, Transocean, Chevron, Total, Ensco, Rowan Drilling, Weir Power & Industrial, Maersk and FMC Technologies.

Auxetic fabric design

Auxetic materials, including auxetic yarns, are characterised by their negative Poisson’s Ratio. Unlike conventional materials, when stretched, auxetic materials become thicker in the direction perpendicular to the strain. Weaving wrapped fibers with composites creates fabric that thickens and strengthens when hit by explosive forces.

Auxetic yarns, when combined with other yarns and fibers, can be tailored to provide high-strength energy absorbing special-purpose products and fabrics. Characteristics include:

Concept of an auxetic material.
Stretch a bungee cord and it gets thinner, but wrap a string around it and it expands when stretched.
Xtegra™ technology transmits longitudinal stress through the whole yarn, allowing greater energy to be absorbed than comparable fabrics.
An engineered blast blanket for Maersk Oil.
A hydraulic fracturing safety solution for GE Oil & Gas.
  • Ballistic and blast resistance
  • Flame resistance or full fire proofing
  • Low observable signatures
  • Thermal management
  • Physiological monitoring and stimulation

Auxetic product applications

AFT offers the following high-strength, blast-proof products:

  • Industrial blast curtains: configurable fire-resistant curtains to enclave and protect personnel and high-value assets from industrial explosions that occur in hazardous industrial settings such as offshore rigs
  • Industrial components: seals, gaskets and rubber components reinforced with high-strength auxetic fabric
  • Rugged clothing and equipment: high-strength durable tents, backpacks, harnesses and seating that offer impact and tear protection and fire resistance

Reactive protective gear is also in development. This includes boots, helmets and gloves that utilize shear-thickening fluids and/or highly compressive foams that react and strengthen in response to impact.

Blast blankets

Xtegra™ technology is a breakthrough in blast-mitigation science, with industrial applications as a lightweight portable blast-containment safety solution. After an explosion, longitudinal stress is transmitted through the whole yarn, allowing greater energy to be absorbed than comparable fabrics.

AFT industrial blast curtains are multi-layer, multi-material non-structural systems that can be used for oil and gas, mining and manufacturing operations. They are non-structural and portable, allowing reconfiguration and rapid and temporary installation for blast waves and fragment / debris containment. The curtains can also be easily supplemented with flame-resistant and flame-proof components and/or treatments.

Auxetic fabric mesh

Xtegra auxetic fabric mesh can be woven or braided in custom strengths and mesh densities to reinforce rubbers and polymers in high-pressure industrial seals. Auxetic fabric mesh can be successfully embedded to extend the operating pressure and service life of industrial parts such as nitrile rubber seals, gaskets and bearing surfaces. It provides:

  • Increased strength and working pressure
  • High temperature compatibility
  • Non-corrosive and chemical compatibility
  • Longer service life