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Interlock Systems for the Offshore Industry

Since its founding in 1993, Alcatraz has developed into an international operating company with worldwide representation.

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Operating company providing interlock systems

Since its founding in 1993, Alcatraz has developed into an international operating company with worldwide representation. The company produces a wide range of interlock systems and related services that meet the highest quality requirements. Its main office is located in the Netherlands.

Interlocking systems for hazardous areas

Even knowledge, skill, caution and written procedures cannot permanently guarantee safe operation during production or maintenance. At times, human failure even defeats the most advanced electronic safety measures.

Alcatraz designs, manufactures and installs interlocking systems to prevent potentially hazardous situations caused by errors in the operating sequence of industrial processes. With Alcatraz interlock systems, the operator is simply forced to follow a predetermined sequence by means of a mechanical coded key transfer.

Interlocks for critical installations

Alcatraz interlocks are successfully in use in the petrochemical, chemical and offshore industries. The automotive, food and beverage industries have also discovered the advantages of the Alcatraz products.

Alcatraz's integral quarter turn valve lock fits on all type of lever operated valves such as ball valves, plug valves, three-way valves and butterfly valves.
A layout pig trap with sequence control box.
A combination of Alcatraz interlocks are used to securely interlock MOV valves.
Multi-turn integral interlock system.
PSV system with two DQLs and two DMLs.

Applications include numerous critical installations like the changeover of pressure relief valves, loading and unloading of pig traps, sampling devices, industrial mixers and separators, filters and granulators.

Alcatraz interlocks also safeguard the coupling and uncoupling of loading arms and hoses on discharge and loading stations.

Custom-design safety systems for the offshore industry

Alcatraz is famous for its innovative and flexible engineering department. In close co-operation with the customer, Alcatraz can develop a safety system specially designed for the individual situation.

Alcatraz offers effective and reliable safety systems to safeguard the most complex operating sequences, special locks for pneumatic valves, loading and discharge equipment or switches.

To reduce delivery time, Alcatraz maintains a stock of most major parts of its safety systems.

High-standard, robust interlock systems

Alcatraz interlock systems are patented. All interlocks are produced according ISO9001, are TŰV approved and come with a declaration of conformity (CE). The standard material used is stainless steel 316.

To ensure smooth operation, parts are electro polished where applicable. Alcatraz interlocks are sand, dirt and fire-resistant and will survive a drop of more than 25m. With over 20,000 different key combinations, Alcatraz interlock systems are highly flexible in use and impossible to copy.

Worldwide safety system design and maintenance services

Besides the design and production of interlock systems, Alcatraz provides a range of worldwide services, including:

  • On and offshore measurement and mounting on-site by our qualified engineers
  • Assistance and advice with the design of safety systems and special products
  • Periodical check-up or maintenance of your safety system

Alcatraz interlock systems, the key to your safety.

White Papers

  • Alcatraz Product Brochure - Safety By Design

    Alcatraz designs and manufactures interlock systems that safeguard critical installations. Each system is based on our patented key and lock design, which eliminates the chance of human error.

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