Aspida is an experienced private maritime security company (PMSC). As the threat of piracy grows increasingly dangerous, PMSCs are increasingly relied upon. We offer a comprehensive range of services and products, tailored to the marine and offshore sectors, including our Easi-Chock© door securing device. Aspida’s first-hand knowledge of the maritime security industry makes us a reliable provider of solutions in even the most challenging conditions.

Aspida meets all IMO guidelines for the use of armed security guards onboard merchant vessels, and is currently undergoing ISO 28007 certification. As a founding member of the International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Companies, we understand the importance of safety and discipline in potentially dangerous situations. Aspida was also one of the first companies to be accepted into the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI), and is now a certified stage one member.

Offshore security against piracy

In September 2013, there were 21 reported pirate incidents in the high risk area (HRA) off Somalia, which were all reports of suspicious approaches or activity. This is an increase in activity compared with August 2013 and September 2012, when there were 13 and six reported incidents respectively.

Successful anti-piracy operations require cooperation between local police, security and armed forces.
Aspida delivers a comprehensive range of risk mitigation solutions to counter the growing threat of piracy.
Without proper intelligence provision, most ship owners and security companies are clueless when it comes to piracy.
Employing ex-military officers as security personnel on offshore vessels is highly advantageous.
The relationship and communications between our security personnel and the crew are of the utmost importance.
Our tailor-made training courses enhance the anti-piracy capabilities of personnel both onshore and offshore.
Aspida’s Easi-Chock door securing device was born out of first-hand knowledge of the intricate needs of the maritime security industry.

There is insufficient evidence to establish whether every report of suspicious approach or activity was an actual pirate incident. However, the high level of activity highlights the importance of security and vigilance.

Maritime security personnel

Our experienced security teams work closely with crews onboard any vessel, as well as locally sourced armed personnel. This relationship and communication is crucial, in order to provide peace of mind for the shipping company and, more importantly, the crew. The mixed nationalities of our security personnel make it likely that a common language will be found.

Our highly skilled personnel are carefully recruited, trained and approved with a range of certifications and checks before deployment, including CRB, STCW, MFCC, army discharge papers, psychometric evaluation, cardio, seafarers medical and psychiatric clearance. Thorough drug and alcohol testing is carried out in close association with Alere Toxicology, a world-leading provider of laboratory tests, which are completed to the highest standards across all industries.

Anti-piracy training and ship modification

Aspida security teams do not just protect the crew; they also train them. Seafarers learn how to deal with emergency situations, suspicious activity and attacks, while specialists design customised courses for personnel both onshore and offshore. To maximise vessel security, we provide consultancy services at the design stage for new-builds and on retrofit solutions for existing vessels.