Castor Vali Ltd

Castor Vali is a security risk management company that supports complex offshore and land-based projects in remote and hostile environments. It is based in London, UK, with a regional operations centre in Kenya, Africa.

Global Expeditionary Security and Risk Management Services

Castor Vali is an industry-leading supplier for a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, shipping, non-governmental organisations and businesses.

The company provides comprehensive security frameworks for offshore and land hydrocarbon projects, including seismic surveys and drilling platforms.

Castor Vali is a security risk management organisation that operates its services worldwide.
The company provides safety and security resources for offshore platforms.
Castor Vali maintain client operations through our network of local contacts and key stakeholders.
Castor Vali recruits operators from the Royal Marines and UK Special Forces to form its maritime security teams.
The company offer cyber security health checks, courses and advisory services.
Castor Vali provides first aid courses so organisations have qualified personnel in the event of an accident or injury.
Castor Vali’s expert embedded consultants manage and co-ordinate all client security and safety requirements.

Castor Vali also offers a host of complementary support services, which are critical to many projects such as risk logistics, travel management, personal protection and community engagement.

In addition, the company supplies specialist armed anti-piracy solutions to combat the threat of piracy at sea, as well as cyber security and intelligence services.

Offshore Safety and Security Services for Oil & Gas Platforms

Castor Vali is a leading provider of safety and security services to the oil and gas sector, providing risk mitigation solutions to all phases of the hydrocarbon process.

The company’s client managers are a dedicated point of contact and can make timely decisions specific to tailored security services, which are carefully designed to meet customer priorities while effectively mitigating security risks.

Castor Vali operators come from proven maritime backgrounds, integrating seamlessly with vessel crew to provide clear advice and support. The company’s maritime safety teams understand project QHSE requirements and are committed to maintaining high standards for project safety.

Land Security Management in Complex Environments

Castor Vali works alongside local security forces while maintaining a high level of direction, oversight, command and control. The company’s experienced logistics managers provide operational support, travel management and risk logistics services to ensure the delivery of project resources and maintain the continuity of client supply chains.

Castor Vali’s close protection officers are experienced in challenging situations. They are selected for their experience and ability to engage with clients and other parties, especially in complex and hostile environments where personal security is crucial.

The company’s community liaison personnel are experienced in understanding and managing complex relationships, mediating between local communities to communicate project benefits and deal with any concerns regarding new ventures in the area.

This also includes the identification and implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes to maintain productive and harmonious relationships throughout a project’s lifetime.

Maritime Anti-Piracy Security Resources

As a specialist provider of armed maritime anti-piracy security, Castor Vali recruits operators from the Royal Marines and UK Special Forces to ensure its maritime security teams can detect, evaluate and react appropriately to safely mitigate any potential threat.

Castor Vali’s personnel understand the strategic, tactical and operational risks of maritime businesses and its consultancy and guidance services include fleet security reviews and strategic risk assessments.

Castor Vali also offers port and facility surveys and in-depth security audits, ensuring full compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code.

Cyber Security and Protection Services

Castor Vali offers a combination of educational and technical cyber security resources in order to advise and protect any organisation. The company’s services are tailored to align them with an organisation’s core business objectives, these include:

  • Cyber Health Checks and Audits – Ensuring best practice to cyber security, information assurance and security standards
  • CV Cyber Training Academy – Castor Vali’s cyber awareness, e-learning and bespoke courses equip delegates with key knowledge and best practice, as well as opportunities to apply learning through real-world case studies
  • Strategic Advisory Services and Support – Advice and guidance for senior managers and board-level personnel to ensure information is securely protected and then exploited effectively to maximise business benefit and drive competitive advantage

Castor Vali also supplies technical cyber security assessments including penetration testing on request.

First Aid Training

Castor Vali provides various medical training courses to ensure companies have sufficient, qualified and competent first aid personnel to mitigate the risks of accidents and personal injuries.

The company offers the following first aid training courses:

  • First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSi)
  • (HSE) First Aid at Work Certificate
  • Emergency First Aid at Work course

Intelligence and Asset Tracking

Castor Vali provides embedded consultants to manage all security requirements. This includes accurate and timely intelligence through up-to-the-minute flash reports followed by weekly summaries with in-depth analysis.

The company also offers real-time 24h asset tracking, monitoring and quick reaction force capabilities with client access via sophisticated online and app-based packages.