Innovation and durability are the cornerstones of Cestus gloves and have led to the creation of the most protective work gloves available. Building on our industry-leading reputation for hand protection, Cestus has developed brand new grip and impact protection for the Deep III Sonic 10® gloves.

The Deep III Sonic 10 features an unrivaled 3D grip terrain with ten unique peak zones that create angles for maximizing grip control on wet, oily or dry surfaces. Among the 3D grip terrain are zones of dense, miniature bristles located strategically on the palm, fingers and thumb in areas that assist with grip control. The Sonic 10 grip is oil, water and petrochemical resistant, and designed to channel oil and liquid away from the palm to maximize gripping power.

Complementing the one-of-a-kind grip on the Deep III Sonic 10 is a one-piece CestusAero vented thermoplastic rubber (TPR) shield that adds dorsal impact protection from fingertips to wrist. The TPR is vented for increased breathability, which keeps hands comfortable while using the Deep III Sonic 10.

The best way to understand the unique Sonic 10 grip and vented CestusAero TPR on the Deep III Sonic 10 is to contact us at or go to Questions may also be directed to our marketing department at our corporate office in Portland, OR, at +1 503 894 8549.