Cirlock is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of lockout / tagout equipment for energy sources. The multifunction cable lockout device MFL-2 is invaluable on a busy site, and Cirlock also provides universal lockout devices for circuit breakers, fuse holders, gate valves, ball valves, electrical plugs and hose couplings. The company’s own brand, Cirtag®, offers safety signage equipment, including signs, labels and tags.

Formed in 1992, the Australia-based company has grown from a one-man operation to a global supply network with distributors in the UK, Denmark, Thailand, Singapore and Brazil. Cirlock can custom-design devices to suit unique client needs and deliver large or small orders very quickly.

Multi-functional cable lockout devices

The MFL-2 multi-function cable lockout device from Cirlock is a very versatile device, which can be used to lock out a large number of different energy sources. These include large valves, steering wheels on vehicles and a number of circuit breakers or fuse holders.

The devices are available with 1m or 2m cables as standard, and with a steel wire cable or a plastic cable for applications where metal cannot be used such as electrical cabinets. Additional cables can be supplied in lengths of 6m or 15m, making these devices suitable for locking out multiple points with one lock. Each device accommodates up to four padlocks.

The MFL-2P - MFL-2P has no external metal parts. Thread cable end through device to be locked, then through the lockout device, continue until the cable is tight, close the device and place up to four padlocks and tags as needed.
The UFL-2 can be used to lock out large valves, steering wheels on vehicles, or a number of circuit breakers or fuse holders.
MFL-2 devices are available with 1m or 2m cables as standard, and with a steel wire cable, or a plastic cable for applications where metal cannot be used.
Cirlock stocks gate valve lockout devices for valve handle sizes from 25mm to 350mm.
The GVL-4 lockout is moulded entirely from tough polypropylene plastics for excellent chemical and temperature resistance.
The SLP-450 Series of safety lockout padlocks from Cirlock are made from a nylon plastic housing with solid brass keying mechanism and stainless steel shackle.
The all-metal GLB-6 group lock box is designed and produced by Cirlock for storing safety padlocks when not in use.
Cirlock's safety lockout padlock is now available in purple.
Cirlock's new pink padlock lockout kits contribute to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, while helping the company achieve the goal of zero deaths onsite by 2030.
Cirlock's new group lock box offers clients a 29-hole option.

Gate valve lockout devices

Cirlock now stocks the GVL-2 to GVL-10, a range of gate valve lockout devices for valve handle sizes from 25mm to 350mm. These lockouts are moulded entirely from tough polypropylene plastics for excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

The devices are very easy-to-use, simply close the correct size device around the valve handle and attach a padlock through the provided holes, preventing access to the handle. The five different size lockouts can be purchased individually or as a set, and they will fit inside each other for easy storage.

Cirlock also stocks ball valve lockout devices.

Safety lockout padlocks

Cirlock’s own brand of tough safety lockout padlocks are made with a xenoy material housing with 5mm diameter and 50mm long stainless steel shackle and brass key way. The locks are available in seven different colours, and may be masterkeyed, keyed alike, or keyed differently. ‘Danger – Do Not Remove’ and ‘belongs to’ labels are standard on locks, and they can be they can be personalised with logos, names or other messages, either engraved or on labels.

Keyed alike padlocks

Now available in pink and purple, Cirlock’s safety lockout padlocks are used for locking out energy sources. Also offered in red, blue, yellow, orange, green, white and black, the keyed alike padlocks are made from plastic and stainless steel.

Additional information:

  • One key per lock supplied standard
  • Can be supplied with logo or name label
  • Key retaining
  • Additional padlocks can be added at a later date
  • Please note: key NOT electrically insulated from the shackle

Group isolation lock boxes

The GLB-4 group lock box is designed and produced by Cirlock for storing safety padlocks when not in use, featuring 20 padlock holes for shackle sizes of up to 9mm. It has a sturdy welded aluminium construction with a tough polycarbonate clear sliding lid. There is a provision for A4-size procedures to be placed outside or inside the box or in the lid. It can be wall mounted, and also has a convenient carry handle.

The all-metal GLB-6 group lock box is also able to store padlocks when not in use. The box is made from folded and welded heavy sheet metal. It accommodates up to 12 individual padlocks plus a supervisor’s lock, includes a key slot and also comes with a convenient carry handle. The dimensions are 250mm (width) by 150mm (height) by 100mm (depth).

Safety signage

Cirlock’s own brand Cirtag offers a wide range of safety signs, labels and tags, as well as pipe ID markers, all made to Australian standards. A full catalogue of Cirtag and Cirlock products is available upon request.

Circuit breaker lockout

The circuit breaker lockout is to be used in conjunction with a padlock. Cirlock has a range of coloured padlocks to easily identify the source.

Product information:

  • UCL1-PLOCK (pack of 1 x padlock and 1 x circuit breaker lockout)
  • Part no: UCL1-PLOCK
  • What is it: mini kit including 1 x universal lockout device for miniature circuit breakers and 1 x padlock
  • Application: lockout of miniature circuit breakers
  • Material: plastic and stainless steel
  • Pack sizes: pack of 1 set
  • Available from stock: Buderim, Queensland, Australia

Group lock boxes of all sizes

‘Control of hazardous energy’ is paramount on any site, it is important that an established site procedure is in place. The procedure will ensure that a lock or tag is placed on an energy-isolating device indicating that the device is not to be operated until the removal of the lock or tag. The removal of the lock or tag must also adhere to an established site policy.

Lockout therefore is the isolation of energy from the system (a machine, equipment, or process), which physically locks the system in a safe mode.

Tag out is then the labelling process that is always used when lockout is required. The process of tagging out a system involves attaching or using an indicator, such as a standardised label, which includes the following information:

  • Why the lockout is required (for example, repair, maintenance)
  • Time of application of the lock
  • The name of the authorised person who attached the lock to the system
  • One person, one lock

If more than one person is working on the same plant, each person should attach their own lock to an isolation device to prevent the isolator being opened before all locks have been removed or opened. The isolation procedure should identify common lock out points to ensure energy cannot be restored while.

To avoid the need for multiple locks on each lockout point, a group lock box will often be used. Group lockout boxes are a great solution for isolating energy points when a large team is working. Using a group lockout box allows you to dramatically reduce the amount of locks required on a job, limit weight on each energy point by eliminating fasteners, plus it provides a quick overview of who is still working without going to each energy point.

Under this system each lockout point is locked by only one lock and the keys to the locks of the plant’s lockout points are placed inside a box, which is locked by all the individual locks of people working on the same plant. As each worker’s task is completed, he or she removes their own personal lock. When all locks have been removed, an authorised site supervisor verifies all workers are out of danger before reactivating power supplies or equipment.

There are many options available when it comes to group lock boxes and their sizes. Cirlock currently stocks seven group lock box options, which range from 16 to 84 padlock holes, also in varying designs to suit the needs of the job. Larger group lock boxes also include storage hooks for padlocks when not in use and instruction holders can be fitted to some models.

Group lock boxes play an important part in site safety and efficiency. Now with even a custom-made option available, there are no excuses for compromising site safety and all employees can be kept safe using the most up-to-date equipment to enforce the most stringent procedures onsite.


  • Application: ensures lockout of energy sources on larger projects until all locks are removed
  • Colour: clear / yellow
  • Description: group lockout box
  • Dimensions: 330mm (W) x 280mm (H) x 90mm (D)
  • Material: ABS Plastics (yellow and clear)
  • Pack sizes: one
  • Padlock holes: 29 holes
  • Part number: GLB-8
  • Use for: lockout situations where more than one person is involved
  • Other: wall-mounted