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PO Box 833, Friendswood, 77549, Texas,Other, United States of America

PO Box 833, Friendswood, 77549, Texas,Other, United States of America

Custom Safety Products manufactures the original non-skid, positive-traction pads for different work areas on an oil rig floor, providing the answer to an age-old problem. Since 1979, more than 3,300 drilling rigs and over 300 companies have used the design created by Custom Safety Products. The traction safety pad design includes the often-copied stud and groove pattern, as well as the unique puzzle-cut method of locking rotary mat halves together.

Winner of the 1991 Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation, Custom Safety Products continues to improve the safety pad, with new variations for different applications. We strive to be the number one leader in the oil industry, giving the best traction and longest-lasting mat systems to our customers.

High-traction safety pads for the offshore industry

Custom Safety Products’ Safety Pad IIFR is custom-molded for heavy industrial applications such as drilling rig floors, rotary tables and pipe racks. Our ¾in-1½in mat provides a high-traction work surface for critical areas and walkways. 

The Safety Pad IIFR can be molded for use on stairways, derrick boards and work-over / service rigs. Drainage grooves are molded onto the surface to assist in the control of fluids that can accumulate during drilling operations, and include a non-skid coating.

Anti-slip traction mat systems

Surveys reveal that our pads reduce slip-fall injuries by 99%. Over the last 30 years, Safety Pad IIFR has proven time and time again to be the longest-lasting traction mat system the in the oil and gas industry. Remember, "If you’re not using Safety Pad IIFR, you’re slipping!"

Safety pads for movable pipe racks

Custom Safety Products’ Safety Pad IIFR is molded from a high-strength, fire-retardant and chemical-resistant urethane with stainless-steel studs protruding from its non-skid surface. If you’re racking pipes on wood, a movable pipe rack is available. Cleats on the bottom of the pad bite into the wood to prevent movement. As the rack fills with drill pipe, two men can relocate the pad as needed.

This high-traction work surface is custom-molded 1¼in thick to fit the rotary table, drill floor, pipe rack and any other critical work or walk area. Since 1979, over 2,800 rigs have installed the pad with outstanding results.

Safety pads for rotary tables

Custom Safety Products’ Safety Pad IIFR is a 100% solid urethane elastomer, which is the reaction product of a polyether prepolymer and a polyol curative. This formulation offers extreme hydrolytic stability, anti-fungal properties, ultraviolet stability, and fire-retardant properties.

Safety Pad IIFR has been tested and approved by the Norwegian maritime directorate. The approval is based on test certificate 250010.40 / 92.238. The test method is safety of life at sea (SOLAS) NT Fire 007-NS-Insta 414.

Custom-molded safety pad for pipe racks

Custom Safety Products’ CS-150 safety pad is designed to go on the setback area for racking pipes. While providing protection for pipe ends, CS-150 also gives a high-traction surface to work on. Like Safety Pad IIFR, CS-150 is custom-molded to fit your needs.

Fire-retardant traction mat system

When working with one of the largest drilling companies in the US, Custom Safety Products designed the red danger zones found on many rig floor non-slip mat systems. Safety Pad IIFR is the only fire-retardant traction mat system that has been approved by the Norwegian maritime directorate found in the oil industry.

Look to Custom Safety Products for your traction and anti-fatigue mat needs. We are always developing groundbreaking and innovative designs.

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