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Cut and Abrasion-Resistant Hand Protection for Offshore Applications

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Dirty Rigger

The Dirty Rigger® range is a UK-designed, specialist line of high-impact gloves specifically made for the offshore industry, which have been developed after years of extensive research, testing and client feedback. Used on offshore oilrigs, drill ships and wind farms worldwide, Dirty Rigger gloves have undergone hours of testing.

Each glove is purpose built for application, using multiple components made from branded materials such as DuPont™ and 3M™.

High-grip and high-visibility hand protection

Dirty Rigger has created and combined its own Hexa-Grip™ silicone printing technology. Hexa-Grip provides exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions on a variety of surfaces, from rope to slick metal ladders. Combined with a single layer of material on the palm, this gives a perfect combination of high-dexterity and grip whilst ensuring minimal hand fatigue.

Dirty Rigger has also developed an impact protection system for the rear of the hand, which is commonplace on all gloves in the line, namely its XO-Skeleton™ impact protection system. This acts as an outer shell to absorb impact and prevent bruising and fractures in key areas. It provides protection for the knuckles, fingers and metacarpal areas without compromising flexibility and freedom of movement.

Dirty Rigger’s offshore Hexa-Grip glove offers the perfect combination of grip and comfort, for jobs requiring maximum dexterity and flexibility.
The SRT glove is designed for light and medium-duty applications, specifically machine and crane operation.
Dirty Rigger’s Venta-cool glove is made using perforated materials to maximise breathability, designed for use in hot and humid climates.
The company’s cut level 3 sleeve is designed to give full forearm protection, which conforms to EN388 level 3 for cut and puncture-resistance.
Dirty Rigger’s cut level 5 glove exceeds EN388 level 5 for blade cut-resistance.
The firm’s heavy-duty glove provides the highest level of durability.

All gloves in the offshore line feature a high-visibility colour scheme to ensure easier signalling and compliance. The majority of the gloves feature 3M Scotchlite reflective material to increase hand visibility in low-lit conditions.

Cut Level 5 (CR5) gloves for high-risk operations

Dirty Rigger combines its Hexa-Grip and XO-Skeleton technology with a special lining, which allows the glove to exceed EN388 cut level 5 for more demanding and high-risk applications. The addition of this lining results in a glove that maintains the grip and dexterity attributes while achieving the highest level of cut-resistance possible.

Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant gloves for challenging applications

The most durable glove in Dirty Rigger’s range is designed with excellent abrasion-resistance for the most demanding applications. The heavy-duty glove combines the XO-Skeleton technology with a multi-layer palm which features low profile silicone palm padding to increase protection.

Maximum grip and dexterity gloves

The Pro-grip glove is built for applications where grip and dexterity are essential. The glove is designed for more lightweight applications and provides a high level of comfort and freedom of movement for prolonged periods of use. As with other gloves in the line, Dirty Rigger’s Hexa-Grip palm and XO-Skeleton technology are featured.

Low-profile impact protection designed for crane and machine operation

The SRT glove is designed for light and medium-duty work on the rig, and its comfort and dexterity make it suitable for crane or machine operations.

SRT offers a good level of impact protection and high abrasion-resistance. Unlike all other gloves, the SRT features a short-style, adjustable wrist cuff with Velcro closure.

Ventilated offshore gloves for hot and humid climates

The Venta-cool glove is based on the Pro-Grip model but breathability is increased by approximately 70%. Perforated materials on the rear of the palm and the extended wrist cuff means that air flow is increased and perspiration can pass though and evaporate.

This has a cooling effect on the hand, which is beneficial to rig workers in hot and humid climates. The Venta-cool features the same Hexa-Grip palm and XO-Skeleton impact protection system as the Pro-Grip glove.

Kevlar sleeve, gloves for high blade cut-resistance

Dirty Rigger’s cut level 3 sleeves are made from genuine Dupont™ Kevlar® material conforming to EN388 rated level 3 for blade cut and puncture-resistance. The sleeve can be worn in conjunction with any of the gloves in the offshore line and will provide complete forearm protection up to the bicep. One size fits all and the sleeve can be worn underneath clothing and will remain comfortable for extended periods of use.

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