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Gas and Fire Detection, Safety Equipment and Specialised Offshore Training

Dräger supplies solutions that protect workplaces against both toxic and flammable gas hazards, warn against potentially dangerous leaks and provide breathing air in critical environments, buildings and vehicles.

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Dräger supplies solutions that protect workplaces against both toxic and flammable gas hazards, warn against potentially dangerous leaks and provide breathing air in critical environments, buildings and vehicles.

The company also offers project advisory support and consultation services, which include requirement analysis, planning, seminars and equipment installation such as monitoring devices, as well as respiratory protection and escape solutions.

Gas and flame detection systems for the offshore industry

Dräger’s fire and gas detection systems are used wherever people and property need to be protected against injury or damage.

The company’s detection systems are used within the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries, and designed in accordance with the client’s safety and protection requirements.

Dräger’s line of X-zone® 5500 gas detection instruments are versatile systems that can be used to measure up to six potentially harmful gases.
Dräger’s PARAT® 7500 fire and industrial escape hood device has been specially designed with a focus on the fastest possible escape.
Dräger’s PARAT® 5550 is a hard-wearing fire escape hood housed in a flame-retardant holster for extra protection.
Our robust PARAT® 5500 fire escape hood is able to provide effective protection from harmful gases and compounds for up to 15 minutes.
The PARAT® 3100 is a half-mask escape solution that has been equipped with a multi-gas ABEK15 filter, ensuring comprehensive safeguarding from toxic gases and vapours.
The company has 60 years of experience in the drug and alcohol screening sector.
Dräger’s rescue and escape solutions include shelters and air filtration systems.
Both fixed and portable detection tools are available.

Dräger’s flame detection systems are suitable for detecting hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon-based fires.

Breathing and safety equipment for firefighters

Dräger’s easy-to-operate, comfortable and cost-efficient solutions help firefighters perform the job more quickly, safely and efficiently.

The company supplies head protection systems and masks that have been rigorously tested to provide a high-level of comfort and safety. Additionally, the firm’s durable thermal imaging cameras offer high-quality pictures and the one-hand-navigation makes them suitable for critical missions.

Dräger offers a range of breathing equipment, in addition to the PSS Merlin Telemetry System, which monitors personnel using any breathing apparatus. Vital status information is communicated directly between the entry control point and the firefighter.

Operational safety apparatus for offshore projects

Dräger offers a comprehensive a range of solutions that is designed to maintain a high-level of operational safety. This includes gas detection systems, which minimise the client’s total cost of ownership, and comfortable, high-quality, body protection solutions.

In addition, Dräger supplies a series of rescue and escape devices such as rescue chambers and breathing equipment, as well as consultation services to assist clients in planning and achieving their rescue and escape requirements.

Alcohol and drug detection solutions

Dräger is experienced in the field of breath alcohol and drug screening, with many police forces worldwide using its equipment. For more than 60 years, the company’s evidential screening devices have assisted police to identify criminals, defuse confrontations and bring evidence to court.

Working on a non-invasive basis, Dräger’s ready-to-deploy devices and diagnostics equipment is hygienic and easy-to-use, and strict quality controls ensure screening tools deliver reliable and trustworthy results.

The Dräger Interlock alcohol measurement vehicle immobiliser offers an innovative, reliable and hygienic solution to the issue of drink-driving. Operational in temperatures from -40°C to 85°C, it is tamper-resistant and capable of recording all relevant events.

Suitable for mobile or stationary applications, Dräger’s drug screening devices are simple-to-use, and deliver precise and clear evaluations. In-vitro diagnostic medical devices are also available.

Specialised offshore training courses

Dräger provides training facilities, workshop systems, compressors, testing devices, and high-quality service and maintenance equipment, so that workers are prepared for hazardous situations.

The company also delivers specialised training courses tailored to the client’s individual needs, so they are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed before undertaking offshore work.

Training courses include:

  • Confined space / leg entry
  • Face fit test services
  • H2S Basic Safety accredited by Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO)
  • Authorised gas tester and gas detector user awareness
  • Minimum industry standard training (MIST)

In addition to on-site training and workshop facilities, customers can also hire, purchase and maintain Dräger products and have direct access to a team of company experts.

About Dräger

Founded in 1889, the Dräger Group is currently in more than 190 countries and has 12,000 employees.

As well as a worldwide presence, the company has multiple safety centres in the UK, including a dedicated centre in Aberdeen for its offshore customers. The centre offers a Dräger training facility with a range of courses to prepare clients for offshore operations.

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