ESCAPE International Life-Saving and Marine Rescue Equipment

ESCAPE International provides innovative solutions in rescue operations. While addressing both victim and rescuer security issues, ESCAPE solutions dramatically improve performance.

Safe offshore personnel rescues and transfers

ESCAPE’s personnel offshore rescue and transfer system (PORTsy) is an easy-to-handle piece of equipment that has the capability to carry loads up to 1,500kg – either personnel or material – and transfer it in a very short time. Solid and designed for harsh environments, the PORTsy has years of operational experience in airborne applications.

Personnel offshore rescue and transfer system

Though offshore transfers of personnel are numbered in millions all over the world, safe crew-transfer solutions still demand more consideration and innovation.

After proving its capability to safely transfer special forces and firemen in airborne applications in very harsh environments, including search and rescue operations, tactical extraction and emergency evacuation, ESCAPE was asked to consider the daily basis transfer of personnel from offshore platforms to supply vessels.

The PORTsy piece of equipment was then designed and manufactured with the following advantageous characteristics:

  • Friendly use – compact, featured as a foldable platform (reversed umbrella); light and solid; easy to handle
  • Utilised for personnel transfer, cargo and emergency applications, such as controlled evacuation of the platform
  • Efficient – works in all weather conditions; smart and easy unlocking device; night and day capability; up to 10 pax simultaneous transfer
  • Long lifecycle – 15-year lifetime; very low need for maintenance; made of high-quality material

Safe and efficient offshore crew-transfer system

PORTsy is stored unfolded. Pushing the locking head provides instant opening and passengers are secured by safety belts with a quick-release device. The lift is performed by winching up and down (or by a helicopter).

PORTsy is certified with a safety factor of ten, GAM EG 13 standard material resistance in harsh environments (dryness, temperature, and sea-salt environments), and FAR 25 standard fire resistance.

Technical data:

  • Net weight: 52.6kg / 115lb
  • Height: 1.5m / 4.54ft
  • Diameter: 2.9m / 9.5ft when unfolded, 40cm / 1.2ft when folded
  • Cargo capacity: 1,500kg / 3,306lb cargo capacity
  • CAD / CAM management

Offshore rescue and transfer system servicing, support and training

ESCAPE offers servicing, training, technical back-up and spare-part deliveries for the PORTsy personnel offshore rescue and transfer system, which can be provided globally thanks to its worldwide distributor network across 40 countries.

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ESCAPE International

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+33 1 46 22 0914 +33 1 46 22 1016

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