Håkon Rygh is one of Norway’s leading companies regarding gas-detection (both fixed and portable solutions) and gas-analysing equipment, creating sample systems for these activities. It specialises in customer-specific solutions and problem solving and also performs product training and seminars for customers. The company can also deliver solutions for noise measurement, heat-stress monitoring and environmental-air-quality monitoring.

Haakon Rygh has been in the gas-detection and gas-analysing market for over 50 years. It all started with gas analysers for inert gas systems and tank scopes on Norwegian tankers in the late 1960s. Since this time, the company has focused on supplying the best solutions and equipment for industry both on land and at sea. More recently, it has increasingly worked with the oil and gas industry.

Gas detection and gas analysis projects

Haakon Rygh has worked on a number of gas detection and gas analysis projects.

Oil and gas industry projects:

Håkon Rygh provides gas analysers for companies in a very broad range of industries.
The company has produced complete gas analysing systems since the late 1960s.
More recently, Haakon Rygh has increasingly worked with the oil and gas industry.
The company carries out nitrogen dioxide, lower explosive limit, oxygen and other gas detection for offshore installations.
  • Analysing equipment for Statoil offshore platforms; Statoil Sture Terminal, Statoil Kårstø/Kjellbergodden/Kollsnes and Statoil Melkøya
  • Providing and analysing gas-detection equipment for Statoil Mongstad refinery
  • Providing fixed installations for the detection of inert gases for Odfjell Management and Odfjell Tankers
  • Installing hydrogen sulfide and other gas detectors on special ships, including ice breakers, supply vessels and car ferries
  • Providing analysers for Exxon Mobil’s refinery in Slagentangen, Norway
  • Nitrogen dioxide, lower explosive limit, oxygen and other gas detection for offshore installations
  • Delivering 3M noise dosimeters for the Asgaard B and Gullfaks A and C platforms; these were specially programmed for offshore work, capable of 12hr shifts with single and double protection or without protection
  • Providing gas detectors for AGA Linde

Naval industry projects:

  • Analysing equipment for nitrogen oxide emission on ships and platforms
  • Gas detection systems on Norwegian Navy submarines
  • Gas detection and analysis of diving gases
  • Pressure chamber and dew point monitoring for the Norwegian Navy

Haakon Rygh has also provided OdaLog hydrogen sulphide monitors for Norwegian government institutes STAMI and Bioforsk. The company has provided both analysers and detectors for nearly all smelters in Norway and to chemical industries like YaraPorsgrunn fertiliser plant and INEOS ChlorVinyls. It has analysed engine exhaust gases for Rolls Royce, carried out gas instrumentation at the Norwegian Underwater Institute and area and pressure-chamber monitoring at The Norwegian Diving School at the University of Bergen.

Gas detectors

In addition to providing gas detection equipment for tank entry and wing tanks on airplanes for the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) on Kjeller, Haakon Rygh has provided gas detectors for companies in a very broad range of industries:

  • Offshore (Statoil, Autronica, Marintech)
  • Refineries (Esso [Exxon Mobil], Statoil Mongstad)
  • Research (Christian Michelsen Research [CMR], SINTEF)
  • Safety (Det Norske Veritas [DNV], Gexcon, NEMKO)
  • Engineering (Prototech, Goodtech, Bilfinger)
  • Food (Maarud, Tine, Bama)
  • Universities (Bergen, Oslo, NTNU Trondheim, Tromsø)
  • Government agencies (Statsbygg, STAMI)

Gas-detection and gas-analysing equipment servicing

Haakon Rygh has its own service department in Bergen with the capability to service its entire catalogue of products. The best quality is ensured through a close relationship with suppliers and the frequent training of staff.

Gas-detection industry partners

Haakon Rygh has gas-analysing equipment from Servomex, Bühler, Horiba, JUM, Diteco, M&C, Madur, GS Messtechnik GmbH and Durag (igniters).

It is one of four companies in the Nordic Gas Detection Group (NGDG). NGDG is a new interest group for issues relating to gas detection. One of the main purposes of the group is to spread awareness and knowledge.

The company has supplied OLDHAM products for over 30 years. OLDHAM’s dedication to safety, backed up by more than 100 years of gas detection experience, has made it a global leader in flame and gas detection. Industries worldwide select OLDHAM fixed-point gas detectors and controllers for their proven quality and reliability. OLDHAM gas-detection monitors make workplaces safer around the world every second of the day.

Haakon Rygh also supplies equipment from Industrial Scientific, a leading provider of gas detection services and portable gas detectors.