Haws Integrated designs, builds, implements and manages custom-engineered industrial safety projects. It provides tempered water for decontamination and emergency wash installations in the oil and gas, mining, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.

Our team of designers, engineers, and compliance experts are dedicated to addressing your unique requirements and ensuring continuous regulatory compliance throughout your project lifecycle. We deliver robust systems that integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Haws Integrated services:

  • Engineering consultation
  • Site surveys
  • Requirements discovery
  • Compliance inspections
  • Optimisation analysis
  • Facility testing
  • System maintenance and remote monitoring
  • Hydraulic and thermal design

Coordinated project timetables

Haws Integrated provides the expertise needed to align decontamination and tempered water subsystems with your overall project. With early engagement, Haws Integrated is able to plan key milestones and deliverables, identify operating conditions and resource dependencies, and manage risk factors and applicable regulations (OSHA, MSHA, IEC and ANSI) to produce a reliable project timeline that eliminates disruptive surprises.

Haws Integrated coordinates the installation of decontamination and tempered water subsystems for major projects.
A decontamination booth that supplies tempered water for flushing during emergency situations.
A Haws Integrated eye / face wash.

Design and engineering expertise

Haws Integrated can provide detailed design and engineering specifications that produce truly integrated systems for major projects. Our talented engineers excel in a wide range of disciplines, from structural engineering to hydrodynamics, power management and industrial control.

Site standards and its unique operating environment inform the selection of system components, instrumentation and control. Combined with long-term project engagement, Haws Integrated’s practical system designs and fully engineered solutions avoid the synchronisation problems that often alter schedules and inflate budgets.

Engineered solutions:

  • Large-scale water tempering systems
  • Enclosed safety showers and tempered water systems
  • Turnkey decontamination and drench systems
  • Transportable water tempering skids
  • Water pumping systems
  • System integration
  • Waste heat recapture

Safety system training

The Haws Integrated team can help site personnel learn to properly operate and maintain its engineered solutions. Haws Integrated provides informal training as part of its initial implementation and commissioning and thorough formal training and knowledge transfer is given through structured coursework.

Testing and maintenance services

Prior to installation, a dedicated team of specialists builds each Haws Integrated system in our own manufacturing facility and conducts thorough, documented system performance tests on components. Methodical testing provides the documented proof of compliance typically required by regulatory agencies prior to plant startup.

Although maintenance of safety systems is crucial, most facilities do not include extra qualified staff to carry this out consistently and thoroughly, particularly taking into account changing regulations. Haws Integrated provides staff with in-depth knowledge of decontamination and water tempering systems. Our automated monitoring services also help to manage maintenance more economically than other options.

Regulatory compliance assessment

When facility modifications are to occur or new regulations are introduced, emergency response and decontamination systems must be upgraded accordingly. The Haws Integrated team provides the expertise to interpret current and new regulations and bring sites in line with mandatory safety standards.