Meridian Global Consulting offers many different forms of security and services, including risk mitigation, fixed site security, maritime anti-piracy security, personal protection, disaster response, oil and gas platform security, route convoy security, leadership and weapons training, safety training, surveillance and counter surveillance and intelligence analysis. Meridian focuses on providing tailored scalable risk mitigation techniques that fit exactly with our clients need at our client’s budget.

Vessel security, oil and platform security

Meridian Global Consulting will provide an armed security team aboard your vessel while transiting high risk waters (HRW). In full compliance with ITAR, equipment will be loaded onto your vessel in a port that is outside of HRW. The Meridian personnel will meet the vessel at a time and place of the vessel’s choosing in order to transit high risk waters (HRW).

Meridian Global Consulting is capable of providing your offshore installation with 24-hour on-site security and surveillance. Utilising our long range infrared cameras and our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) we can guarantee early warning for any incident that may occur. Surveillance can be conducted on or off site with a highly trained quick reaction force ready to respond to any incident by way of fast boat or helicopter.

Security solutions for fixed sites, route and convoy, and emergency response

Our fixed site security is comprised of a wide range of services; Meridian can provide full security services to domestic and internationally-based commercial entities. We have a broad range of services from one-man unarmed posts to fully armed security teams with quick reaction forces on standby to protect your investments.

Vigilance is what sets Meridian apart in a rapidly changing security environment. Meridian hires combat decorated Marines, operators who are not working a job, but dedicated to a life of protection.
Two Meridian US Marine veterans keeping a watchful eye on a merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden.
A Meridian security operator getting ready for a VIP convoy. Meridian operators are experts in land navigation, route reconnaissance and convoy security.
Meridian’s Helo-borne quick reaction forces are highly trained and can respond to any situation in minutes.
In every clime and place Meridian Global will have discrete, highly trained professionals to meet all your security needs.

Our personnel are highly trained and experienced in convoy security to protect your assets while in transit. Meridian provides asset tracking, cargo escort or we will even move it for our clients.

Meridian works with numerous companies to provide emergency / disaster response. We are prepared to not only meet your immediate security needs, but also work with you to rebuild your company.

Personal / VIP protection, surveillance and counter-surveillance

Meridian provides personal protection to ensure your company’s executives are safe while at home or work, while travelling, and while abroad. Meridian takes VIP protection very seriously; we spend many hours conducting route and site reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, as well as conducting thorough background checks on all personnel that our VIP will come in contact with. Our professionals will make sure you receive an in depth threat assessment for all your daily activities prior to execution.

Meridian respects our client’s discretion that is why we offer dedicated surveillance personnel who will actively observe and investigate any hostile or compromising photography and audio dialogue of our clientele. Meridian uses lawful means to negate any potential threat while gathering evidence for the possibility of prospective legal proceedings.

Meridian’s professionals have provided thousands of hours of classroom and practical application instruction. Meridian’s instructor cadre will impress you with their experience, open instruction method and professionalism.

We also offer other services, including translators / interpreters, document review, due diligence research and investigations.

Experienced security staff

Meridian Global Consulting hires United States Marines who have served in combat arms vocations and have been tried and tested in the mountains of Afghanistan, the streets of Iraq and many oceans and shores around the world as America’s premier quick reaction force. Clients want low-maintenance, highly skilled, security personnel. Our security teams know that they are not the priority on the job, but merely there to keep your assets safe without affecting operations. On the other hand, many third country nations or career contractors do not have the resources available to provide the same standard of security operations as we do. Meridian represents value because we know that you will be happy with our professional service and seamless logistics. You can rest worry-free knowing that Meridian Global Consulting is on the job.

Certifications / accreditations

Meridian Global Consulting is ISO 9001 certified and Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) accredited. Meridian Global Consulting is also a member of the World Mar-Sec Union (WMU), thus guaranteeing a plan B to any security operation.