GasGard 100 Control System

The GasGard 100 Control System, a scalable, high-performance data acquisition / logging platform, is now available with a 10.4in TFT VGA LED Panel PC with resistive touchscreen display providing intuitive and smart operator control.

The user-friendly, fanless design of the display makes it very reliable, and comes with a LED indicator on the front panel for power on / off, storage access and LAN active status.

The flexible, modular architecture of the GasGard 100 Control System’s main module can manage anywhere from one to six I/O modules on the backplane.

Up to six GasGard Controllers can be networked together to create a complete system. With this capability, each GasGard 100 Controller can serve as a measurement node, monitoring a subgroup of sensors, where all communicate back to a Master GasGard Controller. This can minimise the length of wire and conduit typically necessary for adequately monitoring a facility.

Its open ethernet connectivity, with web-based configuration and data monitoring functions, allow GasGard 100 Controllers to handle a wide range of monitoring and historical logging functions. See real-time trends with your web browser from any PC without the need for specialised software.

The Gasgard 100 Control System provides fully integrated measurement, display and recording platforms, that when equipped with MSA’s extensive line of transmitters and sensors, forms a complete gas detection solution, raising the bar in fixed gas and flame detection (FGFD).

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