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Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Hand Tools for Petrochemical Industry

Pahwa MetalTech is a materials engineering company that specialises in the manufacturing of innovative Copper Titanium alloy and its products.

Plot No. A-30/1/1, Phase-1,
M.I D.C., Chakan,
Khed, Pune,
410501 Maharashtra,

Plot No. A-30/1/1, Phase-1,
M.I D.C., Chakan,
Khed, Pune,
410501 Maharashtra,

pahwa metaltech tools

Pahwa MetalTech is a materials engineering company that specialises in the manufacturing of innovative Copper Titanium alloy and its products. One such product is Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Hand Tools.

Our highly durable, beryllium-free copper titanium alloy is characterised by a number of advantageous properties that makes it the ideal material for a range of applications in the oil and gas sector. Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Tools are spark and corrosion resistant coupled with high hardness which makes them highly durable.

Pahwa MetalTech’s extensive product offering includes a range of non-magnetic, non-sparking hand tools, as well as components such as plunger tips, resistance welding products and hard-wearing subsea repeater housings for large and diversified number of industrial applications.

Durable non-sparking hand tools for the petrochemical sector

Pahwa MetalTech manufactures a wide range of copper titanium non-sparking hand tools, also known as spark-free, anti-spark or spark-resistant safety equipment, designed for use environments with highly flammable liquids, gases and vapour.

Non-sparking hand tools are recommended for locations where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapours, liquids, dusts or residues are present due to their spark-resistant and non-reactive properties, which minimise the fire risk and increase safety for workers.

Many anti-spark hand tools are currently produced using copper beryllium (Cu-Be), which is considered an extremely hazardous alloy because it contains toxic beryllium compounds. These products can pose significant health risks to employees and contractors as even small amounts of exposure to the material could cause users to develop a potentially deadly illness known as chronic beryllium disease (CBD), which primarily affects the lungs and skin.

Consequently, many countries are now curtailing or completely banning the use of Cu-Be within their manufacturing sectors, prompting some users to adopt aluminium bronze (Al-Br) as an alternative for the production of non-sparking tools. However, Al-Br is a comparatively weak material, only possessing roughly 60% of the strength of Cu-Be, making the compound ill-suited for hand tools and leading to frequent breakages, high consumption rates and increased risk of injury.

Beryllium-free safety tools for the oil and gas industry

Pahwa MetalTech’s copper titanium non-sparking hand tools have been specially developed to eliminate the drawbacks associated with Cu-Be and Al-Br products, while offering users a line of extremely tough, highly durable and non-hazardous hand tool solutions for a wide array of oil and gas industry applications.

Our spark-resistant hand tools are made from the highest quality copper and titanium and are 100% free from beryllium, which entirely negates the risk of CBD.

Pahwa MetalTech’s copper titanium hand tools are also more environmentally friendly than beryllium-based products due to the lack of harmful toxins within the compound, which enables them to be disposed of safely without any environmental risks.

High-hardness copper titanium hand tools for industrial projects

Pahwa MetalTech’s torque-tested copper titanium alloy offers superior strength, durability and wear-resistance for increased service-life when compared to other materials such as aluminium bronze, which can break quickly and potentially injure the user and damage equipment even under normal usage.

Our heavy-duty copper titanium safety tools feature superior, high-hardness and are completely non-magnetic. This makes them suitable for use in scenarios involving magnets and electrical components, as well as other high-energy applications to ensure activities are conducted safely and efficiently.

The company’s reliable copper titanium tools have been extensively tested and are fully certified for non-sparking characteristics in accordance with the latest, most stringent industry standards to facilitate consistently excellent performance.

Pahwa MetalTech manufactures more than 1,500 types of QTi copper titanium hand tools at the company’s facility in India using advanced manufacturing technologies.

Our other product offering also extends beyond spark-resistant hand tools to include:

  • Resistance welding products
  • Valve seats
  • Electrical contacts
  • Plunger tips
  • MIG welding contact tips
  • Dies and moulds
  • Special applications

Customised hand tools for downstream and midstream applications

Pahwa MetalTech is able to create fully bespoke solutions in accordance with clients’ unique requirements to ensure optimum performance for their chosen application.

We manufacture tailored equipment in a variety of sizes using our unique non-sparking, non-magnetic copper titanium material, conducting the entire development lifecycle from the initial design stage through to final product manufacturing.

Our portfolio of custom Non-Sparking Hand Tools includes a wide range of tools designed to operate valves, flanges and tap-off units and also exceptionally tough knives, blades, wrenches and spanners, which are carefully manufactured to suit clients’ operational needs.

Pahwa MetalTech’s custom production service is available for even single for tools, ensuring that clients are provided with safe, premium-quality solutions for all their activities.

Copper titanium subsea repeater housings

Pahwa MetalTech’s cutting-edge copper titanium alloys can be used to manufacture subsea repeater housings to provide vital protection for sensitive electronic equipment such as amplification units during underwater operations.

Our alloys are also used for the casings of technologies intended for long-term subsea deployment, including the photonic telemetry systems relied upon by onshore monitoring stations.

Our highly durable copper titanium alloys possess considerable strength and corrosion resistance, enabling them to reliably safeguard critical components during immersion in seawater and other adverse operational environments.

QTi (Copper Titanium) Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic Hand Tools

Copper Titanium Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic Hand Tools are made from innovative Copper Titanium alloy. These tools are designed for strength and durability to be used in environments with highly flammable liquid, solids and gases.

Non-sparking, Non-magnetic Hand Tools Brochure

QTi Non-Sparking Safety Tools are tools made from an innovative copper alloy which are recommended for use where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapours, liquids, dusts or residues are present.

QTi Copper Titanium Hand Tools Showcased at Global Petroleum Show

Pahwa MetalTech Private Limited based in Pune, India, and 1stSource Products based in Jeffersonville, Indiana, US, are showcasing their QTi Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Hand Tools at the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada 11-13 June at booth 7638.

Pahwa MetalTech PvT Ltd

Plot No. A-30/1/1, Phase-1

M.I D.C., Chakan

Khed, Pune