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Case Study: Casablanca Platform – Drill Floor Upgrade


SafetyGrip Solutions Ltd were contacted by Repsol who were looking to upgrade the drill floor of the Casablanca Platform located in the Mediterranean Sea. However, the time scale for the complete work scope was only three weeks.

The platform construction drawings showing the drill floor dimensions were not available. Therefore, one of our technical team required to be mobilised to the platform immediately. This was duly done and he arrived on site within 36 hours of the initial contact.

First visual impressions were very favourable as the deck had been cleared of equipment and was relatively clean. However, it was noted that there was a mixture of wooden, steel plate and grated decks, which were also uneven.

All measurements were taken, including differences in deck heights. Mat drawings were completed within 24 hours and approved by Repsol and the go-ahead given.

Work scope

The work of the project involved mobilising one of our technicians to the platform as soon as possible, an initial visual survey of the drill floor and agreement with the Repsol representative on what areas were to be included, as well as measuring all areas and photograph for clarification and backup. It also included producing AutoCAD drawings and sending them to our technician on-site for verification, agreeing on a final layout with the Repsol team prior to commencing manufacture of all the mats, manufacturing moulds, producing mats and layout in the workshop for dimensional checks, acceptance by Repsol, as well as packing and shipping to the platform, where all the mats were to be installed.


The complete mat system was manufactured, shipped and installed on the Casablanca Platform within the short three-week time limit requirement.

Specified deck areas are now level due to the construction of the mat thicknesses, which will help to eliminate the potential for trip hazards.

SafetyGrip Solution’s safety matting is manufactured in-house to individual customer dimensional and colour requirements. Smaller sections include interlocking tabs to ensure that they will not part during operations. Large sections will not move due to the high density and weight of the material used and the traction properties. The stainless steel studs protrude to ensure that a build-up of drilling mud on the mats will not eliminate the anti-slip properties. All of our products can be cleaned using standard rig washing procedures. Another highly delighted customer.

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