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Six Maritime, the US Government’s First Choice in Vessel Protection

Six Maritime recently became the first choice of the US Department of Commerce to protect their research vessel fleet, the Ruben Lasker.

The 208ft deep ocean research vessel travelled to its home-port of San Diego, California in May 2014.

It will be based in San Diego between its long missions in the Pacific Ocean to study fish, marine mammals and collect other environmental data.

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a division of the Department of Commerce initiated a competitive and highly selective process last October to safeguard its most valuable asset.

Six Maritime’s superior capability and prior performance won out as they were selected as the sole security provider for the Ruben Lasker to start in June this year.

Ruben Lasker’s security officer, Lieutenant Claire Surrey-Marsden said she is thrilled with the partnership with Six Maritime and would gladly recommend their services.

Six Maritime’s CEO Joseph Allen said: "Having the opportunity to safeguard such a terrific ship and crew is a real honour. We are excited about the prospect of keeping the Ruben Lasker safe for years to come."

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