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Aluminium Freefall Lifeboats and Gangways Systems

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Verhoef is a specialist in the design, development and fabrication of aluminium freefall lifeboats (FFLBs) for both shipping and offshore applications. Hundreds of Verhoef lifeboats have been supplied to many international oil companies worldwide, from the Netherlands to New Zealand.

Incorporated launching and recovery systems for the offshore industry

Besides being the only manufacturer to create its lifeboats in aluminium, Verhoef is also unique in building its launching and recovery systems as a single unit. Therefore, Verhoef’s clients deal with a single supplier, which removes issues in testing and commissioning and ultimately saves the end users a lot of problems.

Aluminium gangways for ship-to-shore connections

As well as being a pioneer in the design and manufacture of aluminium lifeboats, Verhoef has created more than 775 shore-based, access gangways to oil and gas terminals in 67 countries.

Verhoef creates and builds aluminium freefall lifeboats and gangways for the offshore and shipping industries.
The company develops aluminium gangways to provide a safe connection between ship and shore.
775 gangway systems have already been delivered to petrochemical terminals worldwide.
Verhoef performs retrofit projects to upgrade onshore and offshore platforms with its freefall vessels.
Verhoef’s freefall lifeboat has achieved 5,000 drops with a 100% integrity rate.
The Golden Admiraal de Ruyter award is the highest award of the Netherlands and is given to individuals or companies with a unique development or achievement in safety at sea.

Lifetime extension and retrofit projects

Aluminium is renowned for its high-strength-to-weight-ratio characteristics, long life duration of more than 25 years and minimal required maintenance. It also offers the flexibility to manufacture lifeboats and gangways according to the specific requirements of Verhoef’s clients.

These features are of great value not only for future projects, but also with regards to lifetime extension and retrofit projects, where existing platforms / jetties will be upgraded with new equipment, in accordance with the latest standards.

About Verhoef

Verhoef was founded nearly 75 years ago and has remained at the forefront of increasing safety at sea ever since. Verhoef remains a family-owned business and its CEO Martin Verhoef is proud of the company’s achievements.

When the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in the early 1990s, Verhoef was awarded the highly coveted Golden Admiraal de Ruyter medal for its contribution to safety for all seafarers worldwide. The award is the highest safety award in the Netherlands and is only very rarely awarded to individuals or companies with a unique development or achievement.

A prominent milestone in Verhoef’s history is the contract with Norwegian oil firm Statoil. The company was awarded a five-year framework agreement by Statoil to provide aluminium freefall lifeboat systems, as well as related products and support services.

Verhoef’s award-winning track record has continued well into the 2000s and beyond, with 2011 bringing an achievement award, issued by one of the training institutes using its freefall lifeboat, which has been dropped more than 5,000 times with a 100% integrity rate.

In addition, this achievement is entirely unique and underlines the quality and durability of the Verhoef freefall lifeboat.

Press Releases

  • Verhoef Awarded D&B Rating 1

    Verhoef has received an official certificate of Dunn&Bradstreet, the world's leading supplier of business information and insight. We are registered as a 'Rating 1' company, indicating the highest level of creditworthiness.


  • Valhall Flank West, North Sea

    The Valhall Flank West project will develop the western flank of the Valhall oilfield, located south of the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

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