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Offshore Gas Turbine Filtration, Noise Control and Support Services

AAF’s primary focus is on gas turbine air intake, exhaust, ventilation and acoustic systems.

Power & Industrial Group,
9920 Corporate Campus Drive, Suite 2200,
40223 Kentucky,
United States of America

Power & Industrial Group,
9920 Corporate Campus Drive, Suite 2200,
40223 Kentucky,
United States of America

AAF Gas Turbine Package

AAF’s primary focus is on gas turbine air intake, exhaust, ventilation and acoustic systems for the offshore industry.

We understand they are vital components for any platform and when they are regularly maintained, they serve to protect gas turbines and provide added value to customers.

At AAF, we have built our reputation in gas turbine solutions, serving some of the world’s leading offshore operators. Our more than 50 years of experience have underpinned our expertise. Our mission is to provide best-in-class service and support throughout the lifecycle of your equipment. We strive to ensure assets utilise the best available technology, providing increased availability, optimum efficiency and enhanced reliability.

Ambient air filtration systems for offshore environments

In the offshore environment, ambient air is heavily contaminated with sea salt aerosols, salt in solution, fog and mist. Industrial processes such as drilling, grit blast, mud burn and gas turbine and supply vessel exhaust fumes further contaminate the ambient air quality.

In the majority of offshore gas turbine applications, high-velocity air intake filtration systems are standard, historically utilising low efficiency bag filters. These bag filters provide inadequate protection against the highly contaminated ambient air, resulting in air compressor blade fouling, corrosion, erosion, turbine blade damage and the requirement for frequent offline water washing. This can lead to irreversible damage, unplanned gas turbine shutdowns and potential engine failure.

N-hance® performance filtration for oil and gas projects

N-hance is a gas turbine filtration system for use in the offshore oil and gas sector. For many years, operators have been told it is not possible to install EPA E12 filtration in high-velocity filter housings. The advice has been to upgrade to larger, costlier filter housings offshore to avoid sub-micron particle penetration and offline water washing remaining a regular occurrence.

N-hance provides EPA E12 efficiency within your existing high-velocity filter housing with no increase in differential pressure. This will optimise gas turbine performance, availability and reliability, resulting in more efficient, productive and profitable assets.

It can also:

  • Eliminate frequent offline water washing
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Eliminate hot end corrosion
  • Retain power output
  • Extend engine life
  • Reduce CO₂ emissions

Tiered approach to service levels to meet your needs

We understand the need to offer flexibility to our customers. We offer services to help with your individual needs, from simple routine maintenance to significant upgrade projects and new equipment.

We ensure gas turbine auxiliary equipment is kept within optimum working conditions by understanding your past and current plant performance, as well as ambitions for the improvement. Important equipment requires the right calibre of support. With years of experience and a highly qualified team, AAF will work with you to fulfil all your requirements.

Experienced service engineers on hand

Our site services team is made up of qualified service engineers with years of experience and has a reputation for delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.

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