The flash point is directly related to the volatility of a substance and, hence, its degree of flammability.

Anton Paar’s flash point testing equipment quickly and securely determines the values you require for the safe processing, storage, transportation, and classification of dangerous liquids such as fuels and solvents.

High sample throughput and low running costs with PMA range

The PMA 500 and PMA 300 Pensky-Martens (closed-cup) flash point testers bring you automatic, high-precision flash point testing in test laboratories for the petroleum and chemical industries. Tests are performed according to standard methods ASTM D93, EN ISO 2719, and IP 34. Post-measurement, the PMA 500 cools 20% faster than comparable competitor instruments, saving time and speeding sample throughput. The electric igniter design means it lasts up to 10 times longer than alternatives.

High accuracy, automated measurement, excellent heating/cooling control, low running costs, and unmatched ease of use underpin the value. Of course, all of this is provided with the highest safety levels.

Key features

  • The highest sample throughput instrument on the market
  • The most powerful and safest Pensky-Martens flash point tester
  • High-performance hardware reduces ongoing costs
  • Full compliance with international standards
  • Measurement data at a glance – anytime, anywhere with optional data storage software

Please click here to download an application report that shows how Anton Paar participated in the FAM ILS Testing Program 2020 to test motor oil samples 561 and 562 with the PMA 500 and achieved top results.

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The ABA series – for next-generation testing

Anton Paar’s Abel (closed-cup) flash point tester series – ABA 500 and ABA 300 – offer next-generation flash point testing. Easily determine the flash point according to ISO 13736, ISO 1516, ISO 1523, and more. Perform automatic, high-precision flash point testing of samples like jet fuels, solvents, flavours and fragrances, and chemicals. Innovative cooling options permit flash point testing across a temperature range from -35 °C to +130 °C.

Both Abel flash point testers offer excellent heating control and a full feature set for accurate flash point results. The clever instrument design maximizes productivity and saves costs as the electric igniter has the longest lifetime on the market.

Key features

  • Award-winning, high-quality components with the longest lifetime on the market
  • The most powerful, intuitive Abel flash point tester on the market
  • Super-flexible, two-in-one cooling for the widest flash point range on the market
  • Maximum safety for operator and lab
  • All your measurement data – fully automatic, wherever you need it
  • Abel flash point testers are compliant with all relevant standards

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