The BallastSafe™ Filtration Company (BSFc) designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of offshore filtration products for the offshore industry, including Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) automatic filters. Our filtration products provide application solutions such as water injection, pipeline flushing and protection of cartridge filters. BSFc manufactures under ISO 9001 and can provide filters built according to both ASME standard and DNV-OS-D101 standard.

Ballast water treatment (BWT) automatic filters

Our company specialises in the manufacture of BWT automatic filters; in fact, BSFc was established in order to cater for this specific market segment. We also supply the offshore oil-rigs water filtration market, as well as supplying BWT automatic filters for other marine applications.

Our automatic filters are capable of removing suspended solids of sizes as small as 20µm from seawater. This is particularly effective for the removal of zooplankton and phytoplankton.

Our filtration systems are also highly useful for the filtration of well-water injection water, pre-filtration for RO systems, and other applications related to the offshore industry.

BSFc's water injection filter for offshore applications.
The BSFc-H-1.6 ballast water treatment automatic filter.
Our BSFc-H-16 automatic filters perform a fine filtration process that removes suspended solids of sizes as small as 20µm.
BSFc’s unique stainless-steel filter screen.
BSFc's water injection filter type V (vertical) for offshore applications.

BSFC stainless-steel filter screen

BSFc’s fine stainless-steel filter screen is composed of four sintered, stainless-steel screen layers that create a strong, reinforced, filtering element which requires no support.

Two types of stainless-steel filter screen are available: 

  • 316L stainless-steel filter screens for standard applications 
  • 316L stainless-steel filter screens with special protection, which are suitable for use when high corrosion-resistance is required

BSFc’s sintered, stainless-steel filter screens are suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Water injection filtration down to 20µm
  • Intake water filtration
  • Oil or gas pipeline flushing
  • Protection of cartridge filters
  • General purpose seawater filtration

Electric seawater filters

By incorporating BallastSafe’s electric seawater filters into your system, you use the most efficient seawater filtering technology on the market. Clean water is essential to maximise the productivity of an oil-producing reservoir. Suspended solids have major negative effects on the permeability of the oil well, which results in a significant reduction in oil production. With BallastSafe’s electric seawater filters, you can ensure that such problems are avoided.

You can read more about Ballastsafe’s technology on our website; please see the details below.