We are pleased to have reached an agreement in principle with the shareholders of KAEFER-RACO Engineering GmbH enabling us to acquire the KAEFER-RACO Engineering company, located in Bremen and Dueren, Germany.

KAEFER-RACO Engineering is a German market leader in the supply of custom engineered intake and exhaust systems as well as damper systems in the power industry.

- KAEFER-RACO Engineering and Camfil AB’s subsidiary Camfil Industrifilter AB, Boras have been cooperating since 2002 in various fields such as engineering, fabrication and development. The acquisition of KAEFER-RACO Engineering is the logical consequence in order to intensify and optimize this cooperation, says Peter Sandberg, MD of Camfil Industrifilter AB.

KAEFER-RACO Engineering and Camfil Farr’s GT Divisions in Sweden and Canada will form one business unit with a joint management as from the closing date. The company’s new name will be Camfil Farr Power Systems, with branches in Sweden, Germany and Canada.

Camfil Farr Power Systems will provide the full spectrum of engineering, supplies and services in air filtration, acoustics, intake and exhaust systems for all sizes of gas turbine power plants as well as dampers for the power industry.

- This acquisition will unite the two companies into a global market player and allow them to even better serve our customers, says Henning Marwege, MD of KAEFER-RACO Engineering GmbH.

KAEFER-RACO Engineering’s and Camfil Farr’s customer contracts remain untouched and of course Camfil Farr Power Systems will continue to provide the best solutions for their customers’ requirements at all times.