Camfil Farr’s website has been completely redesigned to facilitate contacts with our company
and provide even better information to customers and the general public about our products,
services, technologies and fields of expertise.
The new site is richer in detail about Camfil Farr and presents information about our company
in a format that is optimally structured and easier to navigate. In addition to substantial design
improvements, visitors will discover better functionality, the latest product information and
other features to facilitate contacts with each Camfil Farr company around the world.

“We want to extend our reach to audiences through a modern digital gateway that adds value
and shows why we should always be the first choice among air filtration specialists,” says
Roger Nylander, marketing manager at Camfil Farr headquarters in Stockholm (also project
manager for the new site). “As an important interface to our external publics, we hope the new
website gives visitors a better understanding of our products and their benefits in terms of
healthy indoor air, reduced carbon footprint, improved productivity and better cost