Morris Hoagland – age 52 – has been appointed director and general manager of CETCO Oilfield Services, in Aberdeen.

CETCO Oilfield Services specialises in the removal of hydrocarbons from waste water streams so that fluids can be discharged directly into the environment.

A subsidiary of AMCOL International Corporation, CETCO Oilfield Services, provides an array of patented technologies, products and services for the oil and gas industry, on and offshore.

Morris, who originally set up CETCO’s Oilfield Services in the USA in 1998, has 30 years experience in environmental applications such as waste water management and emissions control.

“Having worked for CETCO for more than 12 years, I am one of few people who has experience of working in all of the CETCO divisions,” comments Morris Hoagland. “As a result, I hope to be able to integrate services across the company’s divisions and provide our customers in the offshore sector access to the entire palette of environmental expertise that CETCO offers.”

Morris, who is responsible for all of CETCO Oilfield Services eastern hemisphere operations as well as all of CETCO’s divisional operations throughout Asia, explained that his vision for CETCO in Aberdeen is to create a regional headquarters.

Morris explained: “Aberdeen is a focal point for exporting the talent of our individual oil and gas industry experts, in particular our engineers.

“By prioritising research and development in Aberdeen, we hope to be able to transfer skills to other CETCO employees throughout the region and continue to develop Aberdeen as a centre of excellence.”