CETCO Oilfield Services has a safety record to be proud of after achieving the accolade of three years’ no lost time incidents, adding to an ever growing collection of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) successes.

This large plant safety award recognizes CETCO Oilfield Services’ continuous drive towards maintaining a safe working environment throughout its global operations. The award, presented by CETCO Oilfield Services parent company AMCOL International, is part of an initiative driven by the desire to achieve zero workplace injuries throughout the whole group.

Each year, AMCOL subsidiaries that achieve no lost time incidents are awarded with an additional tag for their award, recognizing their commitment to safety. President and CEO of AMCOL International, Larry Washow commented on safe operations:

“Safety has to be the number one focus for every person, every single day. Staff commitment to safe operations and their willingness to look out for any potentially dangerous situation, enables us to continue these safety successes. I wish to express my thanks to all CETCO Oilfield Services staff for good safe work in the past three years and look forward to a safe and successful year ahead.”

“The award serves as a visible reminder for staff and clients of CETCO Oilfield Services’ commitment to safety, encouraging others to follow their lead,” adds CETCO Oilfield Services general manager Morris Hoagland. “Good safety records do not happen through luck. Hard work and dedication to creating and maintaining a safe working environment combined with an ethos of responsibility of care, has brought about this real achievement.

“It takes everyone working together and watching out for each other to realize our safety goal. The AMCOL award is a direct result of our safety culture, which has created a working environment that is far ahead of what would have been deemed possible in our industry even just a few years ago.

“By planning ahead, assessing situations, and being proactive in a potentially dangerous situation, we are keeping our environment safe as a team and I am immensely proud of what I see around me here.”