CETCO Oilfield Services new Hi-Flow™ produced water processing system is delivering outstanding results for independent oil company Taylor Energy.

Taylor Energy, which specializes in energy exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico, is utilizing CETCO Oilfield Services new Hi-Flow technology to increase oil and gas production in a field where the existing facility was at capacity with the amount of produced water it could handle.

The two phase Hi-Flow process works to treat produced oilfield wastewater by separating / absorbing the small oil droplets from the produced water flow stream, greatly reducing the oil content in the water. For Taylor Energy, the Hi-Flow process was successful in removing more than 99% of the oil from the water.

Produced oilfield wastewater is initially passed through a high efficiency filter unit to remove solids before being directed to the Hi-Flow media housed in a proprietary separation unit. The water then exits the Hi-Flow media and is discharged overboard complying with discharge requirements for the Gulf of Mexico.

“This new technology reduces processing, time and cost, while also saving us deck space due to its small footprint,” says Taylor Energy’s project engineer, Theo Gibson. “It is also very environmentally friendly, producing a small carbon footprint and reducing the volume of chemicals used within the process.”

Taylor Energy will also experience long-term benefits from using the Hi-Flow process, since its long lasting Hi-Flow media reduces operating costs.

Hi-Flow lasts longer than other conventional media currently in the market.

“The results from our new Hi-Flow system’s operations in the Gulf of Mexico are proving to be outstanding, surpassing even our own expectations in terms of oil removal efficiency and economy,” comments CETCO Oilfield Services vice president Greg Norman. “The treatment results are literally clear to see, with test samples over a ten month period achieving an average rate of 99.6% successful oil removal.”