CETCO Oilfield Services Company has been contracted to supply specialist water treatment technology to the Apache and Santos ‘Stag’ platform in North West Australia.

As part of a planned upgrade to the current produced water treatment system onboard the Apache operated Stag platform, CETCO have shipped a CrudeSep 4000 IGF skid vessel to Apache.

The CrudeSep technology will initially be trialled to treat produced water at a flow rate of up to 30,000 barrels per day, to ensure Apache meet an oil in water overboard discharge target of less than 30ppm.

Following the installation of the CrudeSep 4000 skid, CETCO will also supply commissioning specialist personnel who can both operate the unit and provide training to the existing Apache offshore workforce, enabling them to independantly operate the CrudeSep unit in the future.

Apache will initially rent the CrudeSep unit from CETCO for up to a period of 12 months or until the unit is fully proven, after which time they will then take ownership of the unit.

Matthew Bradnock, CETCO’s Sales and Operations Representative in Perth, Western Australia spoke about his delight at securing this contract with Apache.

“Apache Corporation and Santos Limited are large independent oil and gas exploration and development companies with extensive operations in Austrailia. The Stag platform, situated 37 miles north west of Dampier, Western Australia, has proven to be a very successful production platform and we are thrilled at having been awarded the contract to upgrade their current produced water system.

We will be sending two CETCO operators out to the platform at the end of this year to initialise the trial operation of the CrudeSep skid.

This is a significant contract for us and only the third time CETCO will have worked in Australian waters. We do however hope it signals the future and that we will be involved in future contracts with Apache.”