In a contract worth an estimated US$1 million, CETCO Oilfield Services Company will supply Petronas with permanent and temporary water treatment packages for its Pulai A platform in Peninsular Malaysia.

Petronas required a water treatment process that would ensure produced water from the Pulai A platform met with regulations outlined by the Malaysian Department Of Environment (DOE) for levels of oil in water, and complied with overboard discharge legislation.
CETCO Oilfield Services Company was initially invited by Petronas Cargali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) to carry out a field trial of their patented CrudeSep technology onboard the Pulai A platform in September last year.

The trial allowed CETCO to test and tailor its technology to meet the needs of Petronas and gain field trial experience in the Malaysian region. The permanent fluid treatment package for Pulia A will see CETCO supply a dual 36 inch diameter CrudeSep vessel package to treat a flow rate of 15,000 bbls/day to ensure a discharge of less than 30 ppm oil in water.

Whilst this permanent package is being manufactured, CETCO has supplied a temporary equipment package to the Pulai A platform. This comprises of a RFV 4000 DF CrudeSorb adsorption skid, hose package and specialist manpower to manage the system.

Commenting on the value of this contract for CETCO Oilfield Services Company, Thomas Blyth, Asia Pacific sales manager said:
“Petronas is an important client for us. With significant operations throughout Malaysia, we were delighted to be invited by them to test our technology on its Pulai A platform and thus provide an effective, long term water treatment solution.

“During the field trials we achieved an oil in water overboard discharge level of less than 2ppm from the Pulai A produced water supply. Regulations outlines by DOE stipulate that the overboard oil in water content needs to below 30 ppm, the fact we achieved levels of less than 2ppm signifies the huge potential that our CrudeSep technology has to offer.”

Mohd Suhaizan Yusof, field engineer for Petronas added:
“We are delighted with the success of the water treatment package that CETCO has provided us with. Not only has the technology package proven itself as a valuable means by which to treat waste water, CETCO’s personnel have worked very professionally and promptly, tailoring a package that has exceeded our requirements.

Continuing, Mohd stated: “We are looking forward to having a permanent water treatment system installed on the platform and I have no doubt we will retain a professional working relationship with CETCO Oilfield Services – already we are looking to install CETCO’s equipment on one of our other platforms in the Malaysian region.”

The CrudeSep vessel will be provided as part of an entire water treatment package. Employees from CETCO’s new office in Kuala Lumpur will, in conjunction with personnel from the UK, provide project management support.

CETCO Oilfield Services Company specialise in the removal of hydrocarbons and other contaminants from offshore and onshore wastewater streams produced during oil and gas operations.