Founded in 1972, Contec is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of special filter systems for the offshore industry.

Contec® high-performance filters ensure sustainable cleaning of air and gases. Exhaust air and vacuum filters, compressed air, gas and analysis filters, and absorber housings for air and gas treatment all guarantee a particularly broad spectrum of applications. High-capacity generators for air and gas purification complete this product group.

High-capacity air and gas filtration systems and components

Effective filtration, adsorption and separation are often essential requirements of smooth production processes. The proven air and gas filters supplied by Contec allow you to have access to a wide range of high-capacity filtration systems and components that will reliably retain undesirable particles and aerosols. You can rely on top-quality in either case.

Typical applications include:

Contec provides exhaust air and vacuum filters, compressed air, gas and analysis filters, and absorber housings for air and gas treatment.
Our solutions include the separation of oil, condensates and solids from compressed air.
Oil mist separator type 2.200/630 (flow rate 250Nm³/hr) on an MAN turbine.
Exhaust filters type 447 - 50 CR in a production line of ENERCON wind turbines.
Oil mist separator type 2.200-630-SG 2GVR with redundant motor / blower unit and integrated bypass construction.
  • The separation of oil, condensates and solids from compressed air
  • The separation of oil mist from the exhaust air of vacuum pumps and tank systems
  • The protection of high-quality analysis systems and sensitive components
  • The specific separation of gases and vapors by adsorption
  • In the event of special challenges, e.g. applications with restricted space, we develop tailor-made solutions in close cooperation with our customers

Exhaust air and vacuum filters

Contec’s range of exhaust air and vacuum filters includes:

  • Suction filters for vacuum pumps
  • Exhaust air filters for vacuum pumps
  • Flow rates of our standard series up to 765m³/hr
  • Housings can be made of aluminum or stainless steel
  • Aeration and ventilation filters
  • Line end filters
  • Customised designs

Compressed air filters

Contec’s offering of compressed air filters includes:

  • Small compressed air filters made of aluminum or plastic, connections 1/8in to 1/2in
  • Large compressed air filters made of aluminum, steel and stainless steel, connections 1/2in to 3in
  • Applications for normal and high pressure
  • Optionally with and without differential pressure gauges
  • Condensation discharges and traps
  • Special designs for OEM customers

Industrial oil mist filtration

High concentrations of oil mist from industrial production result in health risks and environmental pollution. This applies particularly to large workshops and factories in which rotating machines such as wheel mechanisms, turbines, turbo units or compressors for producing energy or compressed air are used. The problem has prompted governments to stipulate maximum pollution levels for these plants.

Contec has the solution: Contec oil mist separators extract the air containing oil mist and discharge it through the filter. With Contec oil mist separators levels of oil mist can be reliably maintained. The separators are 99.99% effective, producing clean, dry exhaust air with a droplet size of 0.1µm.

Industrial oil mist separators

Oil mist separators supplied by Contec comply with all of the legal requirements, with air quality results better than those required by the German TA regulations for clean air.

All systems can also be delivered according to US standards, including with NEMA motor / blower units from 1/2HP cURus, 208V-230V/460V – 60Hz to 71/2HP 208V-230V/460V – 60Hz, TEFC-AMT, and CSA approval. Flow rates from 20m³/hr to 670m³/hr are available. The biggest unit we are currently constructing is designed for a flow rate of up to 2,400m³/hr.

All Contec oil mist separators can be supplied:

  • With motors according to customer requirements
  • With by-pass of external ventilation
  • With by-pass and non-return valve
  • According to special blower and motor specifications
  • With further instrumentation or measuring gauges
  • For special frame constructions
  • With additional motor / blower units
  • For special pipe systems
  • Made of stainless steel (304 / 316L / 316Ti)