Filcon Filters is a leading supplier of filtration equipment to the offshore oil and gas industry. We supply a complete range of filtration products for drilling, production and land-based support for injection water, brines, acidising or fracturing fluids, water flood programmes, produced water, diesel fuel and pre-filtration to RO systems.

Our products range from automatic self-cleaning filters, standard bags and cartridges for nominal filtration to high-flow, high-capacity absolute-rated pleated cartridges and bags for polishing filtration. We also supply desalinators, water makers, RO membranes and oil-from-water pollution control systems.

Filcon Filters is an African company headquartered in Cape Town, and is ideally situated to give a prompt, efficient and reliable service to southern and west African rigs. We are a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality managed company.

Filter housings, filter bags and cartridges for water filtration

We supply Eaton Filtration stainless-steel and superior corrosion-resistant polypropylene filter housings with a full range of filter bags and cartridges ranging from 0.5µ to 500µ.

The unique, patented design of this pleated element utilises segregated flow channels and flow chambers to make use of the full surface area of the pleated filter media.
A custom seawater desalination reverse osmosis system: the energy recovery systems recover energy from the waste stream of seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) systems at up to 98% efficiency.
Filter elements are arranged in a circular pattern within a single large housing. At the centre of the system is a rotating washing arm.
Model 4 wastewater clean-up system shown with offshore packaging options.

We distribute FTC’s Platinum Series filter bags and cartridges, which are designed with absolute-rated removal efficiencies (99.98%), and are available in filtration % ranges from 0.5µ to 70µ. Additional features include high dirt holding and extremely high flow rates. These products’ media selections include cellulose, fibreglass, polypropylene and polyester.

Filter cartridges and bags

FTC provides an alternative or replacement range for 3M / CUNO, Pall, Parker and Ronningen-Petter cartridges and bags at highly competitive prices. These products are used to filter the brines, acidising or fracturing fluids in the completion / work-over stage of the well. They are ideal polishing filters if there is a water flood programme for reservoir pressure maintenance, as well as for polishing treated produced water and filtering diesel fuel used on the rigs.

Self-cleaning automatic water filters

The VWS-Series is perfect for high-flow applications on injection water for drilling operations – up to 22,000gpm (4,997m³/hr). These units can be installed in parallel to give whatever flow rate is required.

The VWS-Series’ unique multi-element, single-housing design makes it ideal for code applications and those requiring specialised materials and coatings. Backwashing is based on differential pressure to minimise unnecessary element cleaning.

Ronningen-Petter systems are provided as factory pre-set to backwash when the differential pressure from inlet to outlet reaches 15psi (1bar) – typically the optimum time to initiate backwashing, although this is adjustable. Capture, clean, expel: that’s how Ronningen-Petter systems from Eaton work.

Desalinators and reverse osmosis systems

Our supplier of desalinators and reverse osmosis membranes is an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer. With over 10,000 commercial / industrial systems in operation in over 100 countries worldwide, we can offer both packaged systems and custom-engineered reverse osmosis systems.

We offer high rejection and high-productivity seawater reverse osmosis membranes designed for marine applications. Our proven technology ensures reliable performance and meets the demanding requirements of the marine environment.

Water pollution control systems

FTC’s EASEE system is designed to offer absolute-rated filtration and oil / water separation in a compact, easy-to-use platform. The EASEE system can be used as a standalone platform for gross oil removal, or combined with the ‘oil guzzler’ elements for a cost-effective oil removal system.

The first stage provides absolute-rated solids removal while coalescing oil from water. The second stage utilises the ‘oil guzzler’ that is designed to remove any remaining oil through the adsorption and absorption processes.