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Flotation Equipment Service / Oil Water Separation and Nutshell Filtration

Separation Specialists has specialised in service and repair of flotation equipment since 1989, specialising in all types of induced gas flotation units.


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Fjords Processing has specialised in service and repair of flotation equipment since 1989, specialising in all types of induced gas flotation units. With our expansion to the Gulf of Mexico in 1992 we broadened our customer base to incorporate the offshore industry. Fjords Processing now sells, along with our service, the premier Fjords Processing MIGF mechanically induced gas flotation and nutshell filtration equipment.

Our units are self contained vessels built on a skid to simplify transportation and installation. The mechanical induction of gas in the units has proven to be the most successful means of removing minute oil droplets, down to 8 microns. The Fjords Processing MIGF has set the benchmark in flotation for more than thirty years. Our Pressure Guard nutshell filter design is the latest technology innovation in media filtration.

Water treatment applications

Fjords Processing delivers the following applications: oil field produced water, suspended solids removal, contaminated water treatment, ballast water, as well as agricultural and paper processing, chemical processing, storm water runoff, plus food processing.

Meeting water treatment requirements

Fjords Processing is a manufacturing and service company supplying water-treating equipment to the petroleum and industrial markets. Our focus is flotation and nutshell filtration equipment. Products and services are also offered for other peripheral systems. By focusing on flotation and nutshell filtration units custom designs have been developed that enhance performance and/or reduce cost. See the products and services below or contact Fjords Processing to see how we can assist in meeting your water treating requirements

Fjords Processing utilised in the offshore market.
New Fjords Processing MIGF 100,000 BWPD shipping out.
New Pressure Guard filters for Chevron California.
Pilot unit for Chevron Kiwat.
Refurbished Wemco 170,000 BWPD Oxy Elk Hills.

Products, services and technical support for oil and water separation

Fjords Processing strives to provide innovative products and services for oil and water separation and back those products with quality technical support. Technicians are available to inspect and make recommendations for repairs to flotation and nutshell filtration units. Regularly scheduled inspections form the backbone of our preventative maintenance plans, which help diagnose potential problems before they cost thousands in lost production and repairs.

Our product range includes new SSMIFG flotation units and refurbished Wemco, Unicel and other flotation units. The Pressure Guard filters are the latest technology in media filtration and are unequalled in removing suspended solids and hydrocarbons from produced oilfield water and refinery wastewater. They are effective for the treatment of oily residue, ash and metallic hydroxides from industrial liquids generated by metalworking, power generating, municipal, chemical or petrochemical industries; technical assistance/service; as well as custom preventative maintenance plans and inspections

Most of Fjords Processing’ products centre around the treatment of water with flotation and filtration. Flotation utilises minute gas bubbles to float micron-sized oil droplets and suspended solids where they may be removed. Typically, a flotation unit is employed as a secondary treatment phase. Nutshell filtration is typically used for final filtration or water polishing after flotation.

Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance is available for our SS MIGF, Wemco, Unicell and other flotation units. Fjords Processing can repair or service your current Nutshell filters regardless of the manufacturer. Fjords Processing can diagnose the problems with your flotation or nutshell filter, and either repair it or convert it to help get your produced water programme back on-line.

Standard and custom parts are available for all equipment to repair or replace and to improve performance. Agitators for the Wemco units may be exchanged for reconditioned, reducing downtime. Fjords Processing also work with the customer to develop custom maintenance plans to reduce costly downtimes. Our experience in repairs, complete refurbishments, and difficult applications can diagnose and solve persistent problems.


Fjords Processing perform the following installations: offshore platforms, oil refinery, water treatment plants, and ships and floating structures.


  • Aera Energy
  • Apache
  • Berry Petroleum
  • Breit Burn Energy
  • Chevron
  • Energy XXI
  • Exxon
  • Marathon
  • Pioneer Natural Resources
  • Shell
  • Unocal
  • Southern California Gas
  • Pacific Gas & Electric


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