Dutch offshore company Jack-Up Barge recently had four jack-up platforms built in Batam, Indonesia, with a further two units currently under construction. The units are mainly deployed as accommodation platforms and for the positioning of windmills, with exception of the Swift 10, which will operate as a drilling platform.

All platforms have been fitted with complete Hatenboer-Water drinking water systems providing safe and reliable drinking water on board. Each platform produces its own drinking water by means of a Demitec reverse osmosis watermaker with a capacity of 25 m³ per day.

The water produced is treated with a hardener and disinfected with Hadex to comply with Dutch legal requirements for drinking water. From the storage tanks the water is pressurised by a frequency regulated hydrophore installation and then passed through active carbon filtration and a UV disinfection installation. These steps ensure a better quality of drinking water. A hot water calorifier and circulation pump is provided for the hot water system.

In addition to supplying the hardware, Hatenboer-Water also took care of the statutory legionella risk assessment and management plan.