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Thermal Oil Heating Systems

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Your platform, rig, offshore vessel or FSO / FPSO needs heat – usually a lot of heat. Therefore heater efficiency and heat recovery should play an important role in the design and operation of your process plant, just like reliability and safety.

Konutherm has more than 40 years’ experience in the design of high-quality thermal oil and glycol/water heat transfer systems for the marine, oil & gas and petrochemical industries, and is a leading specialist in high-performance thermal oil heating systems.

Heat transfer systems

Konutherm heat transfer systems are designed to perfectly meet your heating requirements, and help you to save fuel and energy in your process. We analyze your heat demand to guarantee optimum performance and check your new or existing engines or generators for possible heat recovery options with our exhaust gas heaters (economisers).

Our heat transfer system will be custom designed to fit your heating requirements, at any time and under all conditions.

For the CSD Athena we designed a complete thermal oil system with economisers.
Our MIMIC panels with clear process overview.
Exhaust gas heaters for optimum heat recovery.
For the Rolldock Sun we designed a complete thermal oil system with energy recovery.
Konutherm fired oil heater.

Our experienced staff can also assist you in reviewing and debottlenecking your existing heat transfer systems, and is able to supply maintenance, service and spare parts of all available brands. You can reach our service department 24 hours, seven days a week. If you already own a Konutherm, Konus Kessel and/or Gekakonus system we probably have the original design data of your heating system available in our archive.

Heating systems for marine and offshore applications

The high-quality Konutherm thermal oil and glycol/water systems are especially suitable to keep your tanks with heavy fuel (HFO) and/or cargo (crude oil or chemicals) at the required temperature. The systems are equipped with high efficient fired heaters and designed for optimum heat recovery with special, high-performance exhaust gas heaters (economisers) provided with a robust valve system. The heavy-duty economiser valve system combines optimum control of the required temperature and prevents degradation of the heat transfer oil.

The major advantages of the Konutherm exhaust gas heating system are the high energy recovery, the low fouling rate and that no dump cooler-system (and corresponding dump cooler pumps, piping, valves and fittings, etc.) is required. The Konutherm heat transfer systems are applied on heavy-duty offshore support vessels such as cutter and hopper dredgers, heavy lift carriers, pipe laying vessels, OSV/PSVs, etc. and combine an efficient fuel-saving operation with a minimum of service requirements and downtime.

Heater and boiler maintenance and service

Konutherm provides periodic inspection, maintenance and repair services for all of your heaters, boilers and related equipment. We also provide competent assistance and advice if you want to upgrade, optimise, and/or expand your system. Our services include:

  • Classification inspection: the installation should be periodically inspected as per the requirements of various classification authorities. Konutherm can arrange inspections in advance so that the crew will not be taken by surprise in case of any defects
  • Optimisation: improving the efficiency of existing plants can sometimes be achieved with minor investment costs. Konutherm can provide valuable services and advice in this regard
  • Thermal oil analysis: by analysing a sample of thermal oil for various properties, such as flash point and sediment, we can determine whether the system is in good and safe working order

Spare parts

Konutherm offers a wide range of spare parts which are directly available from stock in the middle of the Netherlands and/or our local service centers in the rest of the world. Our long-term relationships with our (sub)suppliers enable us to offer high-quality services and original parts at competitive prices.

Our detailed archival information enables us to provide you with the original spare parts and/or any appropriate replacement parts, even for the very old Konus Kessel, Bertrams Konus and/or GekaKonus systems.

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