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Minox Technology

Minox Technology is the leading provider of compact and reliable water deaeration solutions worldwide. We bring state-of-the-art technology combined with extensive experience to the IOR water injection market. We offer products and service based on best practices throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant.

Minox Technology is headquartered in Notodden, Norway. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals will support you with design and engineering, fabrication, project management, and after-sales and services worldwide.

Minox Deoxygenation

The Minox Deoxygenation process is a gas stripping process where ultra-pure nitrogen gas is used to remove dissolved oxygen from water without the use of oxygen scavenging chemicals. The nitrogen gas is continuously circulated and regenerated in a closed loop.

The Minox Process delivers state-of-the-art technology for IOR water injection.
No chemicals (oxygen scavenger) are needed to meet required specifications.
Minox®Compact offers low weight, small footprint and height, as well as flexibility in design and capacity.
Minox®Tower operates on positive pressure and has a wide operational range. Non-hazardous area application.
Minox has delivered more than 30 water dearation systems to the international oil industry over the past 20 years.
Experience and expertise combined with our field-proven technology ensures reliable and efficient deaeration systems and services.

To remove the oxygen in the nitrogen gas, a catalytic combustion process is applied.

The Minox process can be designed to meet any practical demand for reduction of oxygen content in water, and is recognised by the industry as the most efficient way to deoxygenate water. The process operates on positive pressure (booster pumps can be eliminated), and the system requires small footprint and height.

Minox process for deoxygenation is as state-of-the-art technology for removing oxygen from water before it is reinjected into reservoirs. We have more than 20 years operational experience in applying our technology in offshore projects and it is a proven technology. Our module has a low weight, small footprint and low height, and is flexible in design and capacity.


Depending on the type of contacting method applied between the nitrogen gas and the water, different types of Minox Deoxygenation systems can be delivered.


A key process feature of this Minox deoxygenation system is the method of contacting the nitrogen stream with the water. This is done in static mixers where co-current turbulent flow is achieved, producing highly efficient mixing of water and gas, simultaneously stripping the dissolved oxygen from the water to very low concentrations.

The Minox®Compact edition does not require any scavenger chemicals.

The low system weight combined with flexible and skid mounted design allows for efficient tailoring in accordance to the customer’s specifications.

Each unit can be tailor made to fit into a given space which makes it possible to install on existing platforms, or when conventional deaeration systems are being upgraded. In such cases, the process will not only enable injection water volumes to be increased with a reduced oxygen content, but the need for scavenger chemicals is eliminated or greatly reduced.

The Minox®Tower

Based upon the same basic principle of cycling and purifying nitrogen gas, the Minox®Tower system offers a competitive alternative to vacuum and fuel gas deaerators, yielding a very low residual O2 content.

In this system the contacting between the nitrogen stream and the water is done through counter-current flow over a packed bed of structure packing. The system can operate under atmospheric, or a few bar pressure. The danger related to using natural gas as stripping gas is removed. Reduced weight and lower operational expenditures are among the other advantages.

The Minox®DryGas

One of our current new developments is Minox®DryGas, an innovative, compact and lightweight system for dehydration of natural gas. The new technology, based on static mixers and high tech separation, will replace the existing, old technology based on high and heavy contactor towers.

Service and operation

The Minox service and operational department is based in Notodden, Norway, and Houston, US. From these locations it is our ambition to advise and serve our customers in a proactive manner throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant. We are offering custom-made service and maintenance programmes composed of five focus areas.

Start-up and commissioning assistance

Minox Technology is convinced that professional assistance by experts during start-up and commissioning phases of new and upgraded systems is crucial for the good functioning of the system throughout the design lifetime.


During the last 25 years, Minox has continuously improved our technology and updated the system design to provide our customers with state of the art solutions. We have several generations of our systems in operation today and we are actively working on upgrading all our systems to fourth generation systems.

Spare parts

Minox Technology is able to provide you with spares for any system delivered by us and to propose alternative equipment in case a part is no longer available or the technology is outdated.


Minox Technology is convinced that in order to ensure smooth and optimal operations, it is necessary to build up and maintain system competence at our customers. Therefore, we offer both general and tailor-made operational and maintenance training courses. Depending on the needs of the customer and the background of the trainees, these courses can be theoretical and given in a classroom or practical with hands-on training.

From 2016, Minox Technology will offer best practice courses for operators and supervisors that are daily in charge of our systems.

These courses focus on how to achieve operational excellence by increasing process and process control understanding of our systems and by sharing best practices from our 25 years of experience with Minox systems and creating an exchange forum between the system users.

Inspections, maintenance and remote monitoring

Minox Technology is the best partner when it comes to maintenance and operational assistance of your system. We are able to provide service contracts tailor made to your requirements and expectations.

With our remote monitoring offering, we are able to provide quicker support in trouble shooting phases and provide input to predictive maintenance and process optimisation of the system in order to increase the uptime statistics even more.

You may also see a video of the Minox deoxygenation process here.

White Papers

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    Minox Technology is the leading provider of deoxygenation solutions, bringing state-of-the-art technology to the IOR water injection market worldwide. Although our activities are primarily targeted towards international oil companies, we also design and develop water treatment equipment for the onshore and offshore processing industries.

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