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Plate Heat Exchangers Services and Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Repair, Refurbishment and Development

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Plough Engineering is a manufacturer and provider of plate heat exchanger services and heat exchanger gaskets, repair, refurbishment and development. Since 1985 Plough Engineering has provided services and expertise to clients throughout the UK and worldwide, establishing itself as one of the UK’s leading suppliers and service providers.

Plate heat exchangers

Plough Engineering has been providing and supplying plate heat exchangers and associated services since its launch, and can provide for all the major manufacturers including APV, Alfa Laval, GEA and many more. Plough Engineering stocks a full range of plate heat exchangers gaskets and spares that can be supplied locally and worldwide. The company’s dedicated purchasing website lists all parts that are available.

Heat exchanger services

In addition to providing gaskets and spares, Plough Engineering also offers a complete heat exchangers’ services and solutions package. Its in-house design team can develop and manufacture bespoke heat exchangers for all purposes.

Plough Engineering also offers a full heat exchanger repair and refurbishment service, including full in-house testing services utilising chemical cleaning and dye penetration tests, balanced/unbalanced tests and microscopic damage inspection.

Plough Engineering has been providing a range of plate heat exchanger services to the oil and gas industry since 1985.
Plough Engineering offers LHE’s range of plate heat exchangers, plate and shell exchangers and spiral exchangers.
Plough Engineering provides plate heat exchanger solutions to many leading companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Statoil, BP and James Walker Norge.

All heat exchanger services are offered and backed up with professional aftercare and support.

Plate and shell exchangers, and spiral exchangers

Plough Engineering has just become the European agent for the leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers in Asia, Leader Heat Exchangers (LHE). LHE’s production facilities are equipped with a totally modernised and optimised system for the manufacture of plate heat exchangers, plate and shell exchangers and spiral exchangers.

The design of each individual LHE plate is directly related to the performance of the complete plate heat exchanger, enabling us it to design a plate heat exchanger with maximum throughput and maximum heat transfer but with minimum surface area, thus reducing the amount of plates and keeping cost to a minimum.

The LHE’s product range is second to none with port sizes ranging from 25mm to 500mm. Carbon steel frames house materials that include S.S 304, 304L, 316, 316L, titanium, Ti-Pd, nickel, hastelloy and avesta 254 SMO.

Bespoke plate heat exchanger services for all your plate heat exchangers requirements

Plough Engineering delivers the highest quality service and full bespoke solutions for a range of plate heat exchangers applications. This is Plough Engineering’s main focus and what drives the company in offering a full bespoke service to new and existing clients. Plough Engineering’s current client list includes many leading companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Statoil, BP and James Walker Norge.

As an completely independent company, Plough Engineering offers professional and unbiased analysis and solutions for all your plate heat exchanger requirements.

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