The PROCINT Group, a provider of products for process modules, was founded by skilled people with extensive experience in the global sales and purchasing disciplines for the oil and gas industry. We deliver a full range of products and services that are required for building modular process modules for the on and offshore industry.

PROCINT knows the special demands on applications for heat exchangers in the oil and gas industry. Thermal equipment must not only withstand corrosive media and environments but also be extremely reliable.

We supply the following industry heat exchangers:

  • Fully welded plate and shell heat exchanger
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Air-cooled heat exchanger

Our heat exchangers can be supplied in the following materials:

PROCINT's Calopyx fully welded plate/shell heat exchanger with titanium plates, applied for a crude oil cooler for an FPSO project.
PROCINT supplies S&#38;W heat exchangers for offshore fixed and floating production topsides, refineries, and more.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
S&amp;W air-cooled heat exchanger (horizontal forced draft type) supplied for an FPSO project.
Procint Calopyx fully welded plate and shell heat exchanger with operation temperatures between -200&deg;C and 900&deg;C and operation pressures up to 150bar.
S&amp;W pressure vessels can be supplied up to 7m in diameter, 80t in weight and to withstand pressures up to 280bar.
  • Full range of low temperature and regular or HIC carbon steels
  • Stainless steel
  • Super duplex
  • Incoloy
  • Nickel
  • Hastelloy
  • Clad materials

Fully welded plate and shell heat exchanger

PROCINT offers the fully welded Calopyx plate and shell heat exchanger. This patented design enables us to optimise the thermal and hydraulic design to bring you the best solution with regards to price, compactness and maintenance requirements.

The Calopyx plate heat exchanger is a totally welded plate heat exchanger designed to work with liquids, gases and gas/liquid phases. Aggressive and critical media on both sides can be handled. Material selection and positioning of the connections is performed in accordance with customers’ requirements.

PROCINT offers the fully welded Calopyx plate/shell heat exchanger. This patented design enables us to optimise the thermal and hydraulic design to bring you the best solution with regards to price, compactness and maintenance requirements.

With operation temperatures between -200°C and +900°C and operation pressures up to 150bar, the Calopyx plate heat exchanger allows the use of plate technology in installations and applications which were traditionally limited to traditional heat exchangers.

Shell and tube heat exchanger

PROCINT supplies S&W shell and tube and air cooled heat exchangers.

S&W shell and tube heat exchangers can either be built to existing designs or develop the equipment requirements from desired process parameters. All units are designed, inspected and tested at S&W’s manufacturing facility, and meet the requirements of the ASME code, Section VIII, Division I, API and Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA) standards. Mechanical and thermal design utilizes computerized technology that allows for the optimum performance while considering cost-effective space utilization

S&W’s manufacturing facility together with full transportation access allows the manufacture of sizes up to 7m in diameter and 80t in weight. S&W’s technical knowhow will be beneficial to your operation when the need arises for large and/or heavy units, equipment with a special design, high-pressure operating conditions or unusual construction-material requirements.

Air-cooled heat exchanger

PROCINT can provide S&W air-cooled heat exchangers. These exchangers are generally used to remove heat that is generated from the process system.

The exchanger consists of a finned-tube bundle with rectangular box headers on both ends of the tubes. Cooling air is provided by one or more fans. Usually, the air blows upwards through a horizontal or vertical tube bundle by the fan. The space between the fan(s) and the tube bundle is enclosed by a plenum chamber which directs the air.

The fans are usually driven by electric motors through speed reducers (usually either V-belts, HTD drives or right-angle gears). The fan drive assembly is supported by a steel mechanical drive support system.

Our air-cooled heat exchangers are built to Section VIII of the ASME Code for use in refinery and petrochemical services. Most customers include API 661 (air-cooled heat exchangers for general refinery service) in their specifications.

S&W manufactures both the commonly used forced draft as well as the induced draft type of construction. Depending on the type of application most of the commonly used control devices for air coolers can be supplied.

Pressure vessels

PROCINT supplies pressure vessels manufactured by S&W. S&W manufacture and supply pressure vessels that are known to deliver superior thermal performance, and increased quality. Designed to meet international market standards and parameters, our pressure vessels are rigorously checked and tested to ensure flawless performance and durability.

S&W has manufactured pressure vessels ranging from 1bar to 280bar. These pressure vessels are made to any specification to suit the specific needs of each industry. Product types include vertical cylindrical pressure vessels, horizontal cylindrical pressure vessels, rectangular pressure vessels, multi-compartmental cylindrical or rectangular pressure vessels and jacketed pressure vessels.

Pressure vessels are available in any materials including high alloys. We adopt Pressure Equipment Directive pressure vessel standards to CE, PED, PD 5500 Cat 1, 2 and 3, ASME VIII Div I U Stamp and other recognized international codes.

S&W also carry out all levels of non-destructive testing (NDT) including leak testing, hydraulic pressure testing, vacuum testing, heat treatment and proof-load testing. Products can be surface-treated by shot blasting, painting, polishing, pickling and passivation.

PROCINT is the exclusive representative in Europe for VME Process (VME), S&K Supply, ISLIP Flow Controls (IFC) and RP Adams, and represents S&W and CPC Pumps.