Internationally recognised for quality products and top-notch field services, SciencoFAST is a manufacturer specialising in marine sewage devices, biological tablets, and other industrial technologies. The origins of SCIENCO® and FAST® can be traced back to the 1940’s in St. Louis, MO. The company, which is a division of Bio-Microbics Inc, also provides land-based onsite wastewater treatment devices, and related equipment.

SciencoFAST products have been used everywhere from offshore platforms to floating homes, from survey ships to supply vessels. The company has taken responsibility for providing top quality goods to new markets. It uses tried-and-tested technologies in ways that really make a difference.

FAST stands for fixed activated sludge treatment, a patented process where micro-organisms which usually grow in sewage are fixed to a plane which sewage is passed through. This process produces a clear, odorless waste product. MarineFAST® products take this a step further, by providing a system which can cope with fluctuating requirements.

Water treatment, chemical storage and cleaning products

SciencoFAST is active in water, wastewater, onboard sewage treatment, and cleaning products. MarineFAST® Sewage Systems are certified, Type II Marine Sanitation Devices:

SciencoFAST provides facilities for offshore platforms.
The DV-series is ideal for medium to large crew sizes.
The LX series is the best choice for small crews.
The M-MX series is the best choice in situations where access is limited.
  • LX-series ideal for small crew sizes
  • M and MX-series ideal where access can be extremely limited
  • DV-series ideal for medium to large crew sizes

The SCIENCO® Commercial Equipment Division provides:

  • The SciCHLOR® sodium hypochlorite generator
  • The SciBRINE® salt dissolver
  • FloCRON® liquid injection systems

The Mighty Mike® range of specialty tablets and cleaners includes:

  • FOGHog® deals with fats, oils and greases
  • U&F-BOOST!™ designed to tackle human waste
  • CPT prevents calcium build-up
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • All-purpose cleaner

Offshore installation of waste disposal systems

SciencoFAST’s team has installed tens of thousands of units on land, on the water, and on offshore platforms around the world. They can help you pick the most appropriate product for your requirements, and make sure that it does the job you need it to.