SLMCO Pure Water Systems is a leader in the field of compact and reliable Desalination machines, with outputs of 180gal/day to 100,000gal/day of purified freshwater. The units can purchased, leased or rented complete with a service contract and service plan based on customer needs.

SLMCO engineering incorporates Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for easy and autonomous operations on all units. Supervisory controls and data acquisition (SCADA) is also used for diagnosing the de-salination system via satellite, and this function notifies service providers by phone or e-mail when components are faulty or consumables such as filters or membranes need to be replaced.

Explosion-Proof Desalination water makers

These Desalination water makers have built-in alarms for high total-dissolved solids (TDS). All units built for the offshore industry are designed to meet Class one, Division Two standards for hazardous areas and are considered Explosion Proof.

All units are built on Stainless-Steel skids. The units can be adapted to meet any voltage requirement.

Slmco Pure Water Systems is a leader in the field of compact and reliable de-salination machines.
These Desalination water makers have built-in alarms for high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
Whether for drinking water, water-based mud (WBM), Demineralization or washing applications, a suitable unit can be designed for your specific application.

Ultra-filtration pre-filtration system for reverse osmosis

SLMCO Designs uses a highly competent, technologically advanced Ultra-Filtration Pre-Filtration system for the reverse osmosis (RO) of seawater.

Proper pre-filtration with automatic back-flushing leads to a more productive RO system, while also extending the life of the membranes and limiting service calls. These systems are easy to set up, require very little technical knowledge to operate and are designed for long-term, low-maintenance offshore applications.

Lightweight portable RO system

SLMCO Pure Water Systems has a lightweight portable RO system which can be used for the immediate Desalination of seawater. This compact handheld system is used for point-of-use drinking quality water or for tank filling, and has an average output of 300gal/day of purified freshwater.

Drinking water, water-based mud (WBM) and Demineralization units

Whether it be for drinking water, WBM mixing, Demineralization for NOX/gas turbines and diesel engines, wash-down applications or pressure washing, SLMCO can build a unit to meet your company's precise needs. All Desalination units developed for offshore use are user-friendly, produce reliable freshwater from seawater and are built to last. Contact SLMCO Pure Water Systems today for a competitive price quote.