Tranter International, a world-leader in heat transfer equipment, has recently supplied parts of the refrigerating system for a new distribution centre built by fruit, vegetable and exotics importer Hillfresh International.

Tranter has provided and installed an NH3 (ammonia) separator, NH3 – CO2 cascade heat exchangers, a CO2 vessel and emergency coolers for the centre in Barendrecht (Netherlands) that will be completed by the end of the year. As this is a brand new system used for the cooling of delicate food, the equipment has to meet the highest environmental and safety requirements.

The NH3 – CO2 cascade technology supplied by Tranter reduces the consumption of ammonia by almost 90%, thereby improving safety and making the system more environment-friendly than conventional refrigerating solutions. The ammonia is also kept completely separate from the cooling area and therefore, does not pose a safety risk to staff.

The distribution centre, with a storage area of 11,500m², has a total of 21 cold storage units. In addition to reducing costs by operating more efficiently, the overall slimmer structure of the cooling equipment provided by Tranter has also been less expensive to build and install initially.

Hillfresh started importing and exporting fruit, vegetables and exotics in September 2007. The company brings in top-quality products from throughout the world, focusing on supermarkets, exporters, wholesalers, and processing and food service companies.

Roy Trienes, Sales Engineer at Tranter, commented: “This contract has brought together a number of companies including Van Kempen, the experienced and capable refrigeration installing company. It is because of the co-operation between Tranter, Van Kempen and Hillfresh that this new technology has been delivered successfully.”